Bearcats Breakfast 9.27.12

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This week's game popped a natural thought in my head, we hear so much about the power of the ACC and with the changing landscape of the college football their relationship with the Big East deserves headlines.

In most all of them the ACC comes out smelling like roses and the Big East like soil. Yes, off the field that's hard to deny. Big TV deal, $50 million exit fee, jacking Syracuse and Pitt. Sure, sure.

But, there's no denying what's occurred on the field. The ACC has not been relevant in years. Yet living off hype and outdated reputation they maintain a air of superiority.

UC owns an opportunity to take down one of their top tier teams Saturday. Virginia Tech has been the class of the conference for the last decade. Eight consecutive 10-win seasons will do that.

Where else can you start other than the ACC being 2-13 in BCS bowl games. The faint whistle you hear while you read this is West Virginia scoring another TD on Clemson.

Over the last seven years, the Big East is 4-3 in BCS bowls including 2-1 against the ACC champion. The lone was actually UC in the 2008 Orange Bowl -- one 10 players on the current UC team hope to avenge, as Bill Koch wrote. 

Here's the recent results between the conferences in the regular season:

NC State 10, UConn 7
Maryland 36, Temple 27
Pitt 35, Va. Tech 17
UConn 24, Maryland 21
Louisville 39, UNC 34

TOTAL: Big East 3, ACC 2.

Syracuse 36, Wake Forest 29
UNC 24, Rutgers 22
WVU 37, Maryland 31
UC 44, NC State 14
UNC 14, Louisville 7
Miami 6, USF 3

TOTAL: Big East 3, ACC 3

NC State 30, UC 19
WVU 31, Maryland 17
Miami 31, Pitt 3
UNC 17, Rutgers 13
USF 23, Miami 20

TOTAL: ACC 3, Big East 2

UNC 12, UConn 10
USF 17, FSU 7
Miami 31, USF 10

TOTAL: ACC 2, Big East 1

--- Understood the configuration of these conferences changed and will continue to change, but the bias toward the ACC over the Big East didn't begin with the Cuse/Pitt jump.

--- So, during the last four years the ACC holds a 10-9 advantage during the regular season. Not exactly a resounding statement in either direction. With neither side owning a recent history of sniffing the national championship -- UC in 2009 would be the closest either side came -- you have two conferences as evenly matched as possible.

Over the period of the last five years, in those conferences, no two teams have been more consistent than UC and Va. Tech.

The Bearcats with 10-win seasons in four of the five and VT in all five.

--- I asked Butch Jones to weigh in on what he thinks the difference is between the ACC and Big East. Not shockingly, he agreed with the numbers.

"You know I don't think there is much difference at all, I think most of it is made in the media and the perception," he said. "But I think both are great conferences, you know we have some great games between the BIG EAST and the ACC, not just this year but over a course of time. They are two very good football conferences, two very proud football conferences." 

--- The players acknowledge the perception existing about the ACC vs. the Big East. For a school already fighting perception issues within its own conference, constantly fighting for respect and recognition, games like this mean more.

"With conference realignment next year, we want to make sure the Big East is still represented well," OL Austen Bujnoch said. "This year, especially, we've been going back and forth. This is definitely key because we have Pittsburgh and Syracuse going there next year. This is definitely a conference rivalry thing."

--- Let's eat...

--- Predictions are
beginning to roll in. Matt Fortuna at ESPN goes with UC. Kirk Herbstreit calls for the Bearcats as well. Herbie call it an upset. While many Bearcats fans might not agree with that assessment, they are not favored by the oddsmakers (6.5). Disclaimer: Lines for informational/recreational use only.

Matt Rybaltowski of also likes the Bearcats by a point.

--- Red pants on black jersey with black helmets reportedly the uni forecast for Saturday.

---  Butch Jones blog looks at Bearcats in the NFL from Week 3.

--- Down the Drive cites offensive explosiveness as a reason the Cats can beat VT.


--- Was up watching NFL Turning Point on NBC Sports Network last night. Want to know how badly they are hurting for true sports content? They were promoting the heck out of Towson-James Madison this weekend. If that isn't a chip at the Big East TV bargaining table I don't know what is.

--- What we all need this morning, a technical breakdown of the November Rain video.

--- Apparently Michael Jordan
got into a dance-off with Scottie Pippen. That ranks among the top 10 favorite sentences I've ever written on this blog.

--- Not sure what Tiny Fey will be doing with her new four-year deal at NBCUniversal, but I'm sure it will be hilarious.

--- Just discovered Grace Potter yesterday. She's part of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, but here she is earlier this month with my dude Trey Anastasio from Phish. Have a great day.

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