Growth Spurt!

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It was a game Tony Pike could win; Zach Collaros would win but we didn't know if Munchie Legaux could win...until now. On the road, albeit a home game, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats were tested in all phases of the game because special teams is a source of pride for Virginia Tech on par with offense and defense. 

While we have seen comebacks and excitement we really had no idea how Munchie would play with the game on the line, on the road and pressure in his face. He stood compose, sensing he needed to make a play and did what smart quarterbacks do; let your playmakers make plays. Damon Julian saw the ball and then, saw the ball into his hands to give this new crop of Bearcats a big win in more ways than one. They grew up on that one play in ways that are indescribable but enjoyable as a fan. They realized their coach, Butch Jones, and his staff can game plan against big name programs. They recognize they can match up with most teams in the country (SEC notwithstanding) and in the clutch they can keep their composure. 

Give the offensive line credit and the defense as well; but you have to enjoy seeing Legaux as much as anyone because this teams with its offensive weapons will only go as far as he does. With expectations in place, the shadow of Colloras, and a diminishing power conference allegedly known as the Big East, this quarterback needs to make a statement that the Bearcats are still a team that deserves respect. After yesterdays win at FedEx Field in Washington D.C.  respect was earned but now must be maintained. It is indeed a long season and sticking to the game plan, not believing the hype is a recipe for continued success.

So yes $3.5 million was made not only for football but non revenue generating sports like Lacrosse; yes UC got a big win against the ACC who some say is a much better conference, but more important than that UC got a quarterback who had a growth spurt and has proven he has the skills and the will to win games and win them down the stretch. 

I hope he continues to improve and his confidence grows as well. As long as he has an appetite for studying film, preparing to play and leading his teammates, we will have the Munchies for Legaux believing he can win games regardless of how much time is left on the clock.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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