Legaux Savors Meeting With Brees

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When the New Orleans Saints practiced in Cincinnati for two days last week to avoid problems caused by Hurricane Isaac, the visit had an unexpected benefit for UC quarterback Munchie Legaux.

"I was watching film in meetings and Coach Jones came in all fired up and said, 'What are you doing today?'" Legaux recalled with a grin.  "I told him what I was doing after practice and he said, 'No you're not.  After practice you're going to meet Drew Brees.'  I wasn't going to turn that down."

"He was smiling and saying, 'I met Drew Brees...I met Drew Brees.'" said wide receiver Anthony McClung.  "He said he was a cool, laid-back guy so I guess they're similar to each other because Munchie is the same way."

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Head Coach Butch Jones arranged the meeting through a contact on the Saints coaching staff.

"I'm very thankful to the coaches there that they would allow Munchie to be able to spend some time with him and talk about work ethic and leadership," said Coach Jones.  "But also, just to talk about New Orleans too."

"I introduced myself to him and said that I was from New Orleans and he asked me about my family and if they were OK," said Legaux.

"That was very comforting to him with the hurricane going through New Orleans," said Coach Jones.

Munchie was in eighth grade when Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city in 2005.  His family evacuated to Houston for a roughly two months, and they returned there last week when Hurricane Isaac approached.     

"I have an aunt there and my family stayed there for four or five days," said Legaux.  "When they got back to New Orleans the power was back on, and they called me to let me know that everything was OK.  They'll be here on Wednesday for the Pitt game."

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While the Legaux family will be in the stands at Nippert Stadium, Munchie says that Brees will be a spectator too.

"He told me he would be watching the game on Thursday," said Legaux.  "He said that he and his offensive lineman were going to check me out."

Brees also gave Munchie some friendly advice as the Bearcat quarterback gets ready for the first game of his junior season.

"He told me to enjoy the college life," said Legaux.  "Enjoy the fans, the Saturday games, the college atmosphere, the stadiums, the cheerleaders - everything.  He told me to go out and enjoy myself.  I appreciated that he took the time to sit down and talk to me.  For him to spend maybe 10 minutes with me and just to see how I'm doing - I knocked one thing off of my bucket list.

"I'm a huge Saints fan and he's done so much for New Orleans.  He brought us our first championship.  Drew Brees has the key to the city."

And a grateful admirer in Clifton.

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