Bearcats Breakfast 10.4.12

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Bit of a triumphant return for the Breakfast (or at least a return). With so much happening around football the Breakfast in its traditional form needed to give way to a few more important stories the last three days. 

In case you missed it, we had the Breakfast recapping the goodness of the VT win on Monday, a Tuesday lunch covering Munchie's mad grandma and yesterday took a deeper look at the Bomar-Blair combo leading the charge for an overlooked UC defense.

Important tangent: I'd like to start calling Maalik Bomar and Greg Blair the B-Boys. I know I'm still living in a world where 1980s hip-hop breakdancing references play huge, but not sure if it resonates elsewhere. Listen, there are still B-Boy Breakdancing Championships going on in 2012, so folks should give this nickname a chance.

People are sliding and spinning on their heads for goodness sake. Don't be afraid of this.

I'll continue to float my nickname for a few more weeks and in the words of another 80s culture icon, Ivan Drago, "if he dies, he dies."

Let's eat...

--- Andrea Adelson delved deeper into a concept we've talked about here for a few weeks, don't look now but the Big East DOA proclamation should stop. It boasts three undefeated teams in Louisville, Rutgers and Cincinnati to go along with a winning record against the darling ACC.

Most importantly, the teams continuing to establish themselves this year aren't going anywhere in the future. These are the future core pieces along with Boise State.

The Big East still treads upstream on the perception battle, but reiterating facts of the conference as this piece does silences critics. For now.

--- The always strong
Joe Kay of the AP with a look at #MunchieMagic.

--- Interim President Santa Ono will follow in the clippings of Marty Brennaman and shave his head if Bearcats football or basketball wins 10 games in a row. Fantastic. #ShaveSanta

--- Drew Frey hoping
to capture his sixth Victory Bell this weekend. The story from Bill Koch.

Frey will be a big part of the reason why if it happens. Zac Dysert can straight fling it.

The Fighting Zippys let him throw for 516 yards last week. He also racked up 303 at Ohio State in the opener. Against the Bearcats during his four years, Dysert's success has been limited along with his team.

The RedHawks have lost six in a row in the series and here's Dysert's numbers:

2009: 33 of 47 for 286, 1 TD, 2 INT
2010: 22 of 35 for 165, 0 TD, 0 INT
2011: 19 of 33 for 252, 0 TD, 1 INT

Most importantly, Miami hasn't managed a TD against the Bearcats in the last nine quarters. They've been outscored 86-3 in that span. Yikes.

Outsiders may worry about overconfidence, CBJ doesn't.

"No, we don't take anything for granted," he said. "Each week is a new season in and of itself; each game is a new game. All the past games can be thrown out because it's about this year. I will tell you this, if they are on our sideline or in Nippert, ringing the Victory Bell after the game, no one's going to look back and say we beat them six times in a row, but rather, look at the game and how players are going to be remembered for this year."

--- The Bearcats spent
some time on the front page of, a site everyone should be visiting every day, by the way, for all your sports knowledge -- particularly all your Bengals updates and analysis (shameless plug).

The photo of Damon Julian and company celebrating accompanied a Jeremy Fowler piece looking at the model for building a winning program and how that model is based in the Big East.

--- The well-respected Pat Forde, Louisville resident and Yahoo! columnist, believes the Bearcats are the best team in the Big East. Don't believe me? Read it.

---, don't know if I mentioned earlier how great this site is but you can read a stream of reports only involving the Bearcats by bookmarking this link. Anyway, RapidReports follows the Big East NFL prospects and discusses Walter Stewart. He continues to make his case after a quality show against VT.

--- Little basketball interlude here, as The Sporting News popped UC in at No. 18 in their preseason poll. Take it for what you will. The majority of teams ranked in the back half of the Top 25 preesason won't end up in the Top 25 at the end of the year. Trust me, I've run the numbers in this space before.

--- Jon Rothstein writes
about the importance of the UC bench after talking with Mick Cronin. So much Paul Dehner Jr. in that Jon Rothstein piece.

--- Who wants printable versions
of the basketball schedule with all game times set? Here you go, consider this your reward for reading this far down.

--- Highlights of Bearcats
in the NFL in Week 4 including some Derek Wolfe TFL Beastmode. A sight many of you may be familiar with.

--- Those of you attending Saturday, know this is a sellout and whiteout. There will be about 600 white T-shirts awaiting the students in their section.


--- I keep seeing pictures of Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock hanging out with these #WatchTheThrone hashtags and only wish they are discussing the comedy tour I dream they are discussing.

--- Loving the new
Siri on iOS6, particularly for all the sports info she provides. Really wish we could get more snarky robot-movie analysis.

--- The first debate was last night.
Afterward, I found myself asking one question -- how does Joe the Plumber think it went?

--- Teddy wins! Teddy wins! Now what will become of the Let Teddy Win web site? Another lost job due to DC politics.

--- Does any picture more define
yesterday's dramatic tilt between the 106-loss Astros and 100-loss Cubs than this one?

--- Rush has been nominated for the Rock N' Roll HOF. I'll go to bat for these guys. Enjoy the day.

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