The Incredible Shrinking Lineman

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A year ago, Alex Hoffman was a 300-plus pound offensive lineman opening massive holes for the likes of future St. Louis Ram, Isaiah Pead.

In a matter of months, an injury led him to shed his "playing pounds" and he currently is working in UC's Lindner Center and is surrounded by Bearcat athletes. 

His academic goals are amazing as is his physical transformation.

I recently found the svelte Hoffman outside the Bob Goin team room:

(Hoffman several pounds ago)

Q: You're 24 now, what are you up to?
A: I am in grad school getting my MBA and I'm working upstairs (at the Lindner Center) as a graduate assistant in Athletic Academic Services.

Q: What was your degree in?

A: My degree was in Biology with a focus on Pre-Med.  The plan now is to get my Masters and hopefully go on to medical school.

Q: An MBA and medical school? That's a little different path.
A: I know. Usually you go right into medical school. I took a class over at the medical school this summer and they want me to be a non-traditional applicant. I'm going to get my Masters first and then go on.  That's the plan.

Q: So your grades have never been an issue?

A: I had a 3.4 undergrad and medical school was a little bit above that. That's another reason to go back and get a Masters and hopefully improve that.

Q: If anything, you can start a weight loss clinic. The pounds are just dropping off of you!

A: After I got hurt in February, I lost about 30 pounds. When I was finally able to walk around, I lost about 40. I've lost about 75 pounds so far.

Q: What did you top out at?

A: I was 308 when I got hurt. Now, I'm about 235.

Q: So you're like linebacker/safety size?

A: Tight end!  I kind of think of myself as an H-back now.

Q: Are your 40 times up?
A: I haven't run. I've done some jogging since I got hurt, but I haven't done any sprinting yet. I'm physically fit.

Q: Are you a recreational guy now? Is the CFL calling you for a defensive back tryout?

A: I haven't given any thought to that stuff yet.

Q: From just watching games, are you still fired up when they come out of the tunnel?

A: The first game I went to, the Pittsburgh game, was an awesome atmosphere. It's different being up in the stands than on the field. I definitely enjoyed it and I can't wait for the Homecoming game.

Q: What was your highlight playing?
A: All the bowl games and Big East championships. Probably the most meaningful was my senior year.  I was a senior and a leader and that team really came together after my junior year when we went 4-8. Going to the Liberty Bowl my senior year and sharing the Big East were the memorable things.

Q: How do you keep the weight off?
A: Diet and exercise are the main things that make it come off.

Q: When was the last time you weighed 230? Eighth grade?
A: Sophomore year of high school.

Q: And you were always a lineman?
A: Always a lineman. Even in grade school.

Q: MBA, med school, the Dr. Hoffman takes over the world?

A: We'll see. That's the plan.

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