Tuesday lunch: Munchie's mad grandma edition

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MunchieVT.jpgCan't help but open this Tuesday Bearcats luncheon recap with comical fallout from Saturday's game.

While talking about Saturday's breakthrough win with Munchie Legaux today, I asked who the first person he called was after the game.

Not surprisingly, he stated his grandmother in New Orleans actually called him. What was surprising was why she called.

As UC began their final drive and she prepared to see if her grandson could pull off the first dramatic comeback drive of his life --- the local affiliates flipped to the beginning of the LSU game.

"My grandmother said on the last drive right after we got the first drive they cut it off, then flashed back in later," Legaux recalled. " She was was real mad."

Understandable anger considering what she missed. The opening kickoff of LSU-Towson played instead of the defining moment of Legaux's career.

This was not some common occurrence grandma saw once a season in high school. Legaux said he's never won a game like that in his career. Rarely has there been an opportunity.

He seized this one. Three days later, Legaux says he doesn't feel different, necessarily. Even though nearly everyone surrounding him undoubtedly holds an altered view of the junior QB after #MunchieMagic.

No, he doesn't feel different, he feels he proved a point.

"I figured some guys on that last drive were like, 'Let's see what he's made of,'" Legaux said. "I'm the same no matter what. I don't get too high. I don't run around here screaming and I am not going to get too down on myself. I just want to have a cool, calm and collected attitude that no matter the situation I know how to handle it. Confidence."

He now knows. He also knows the scouting report on stopping the UC quarterback reads different this week than it did last. Expectations were the Hokies would crowd the line of scrimmage and dare Legaux to beat them down the field with his arm.

The throwing motion criticism, turnover number and completion percentage talk followed him since he took over for Zach Collaros. Legaux desired an opportunity to rip it in half. Virgina Tech offered it.

"Coach Beamer and those guys did a great job of saying he's not going to beat us with his feet," Legaux said. "We are going to make him throw the ball. I was OK with that. I wanted to show the world that I could throw the ball, for one. I feel like that is what I did. Those guys put eight in the box, nine in the box at some times and made me throw the ball. They did a great job of doing that. I took a lot of hits, but hey, I got right back up and kept fighting."

The final numbers were 19 of 42 for 366 yards, three TDs and one pick. The difference from first half to second half left a lasting impression.

Before the break: 9 of 22 for 119 yards and an interception.
After halftime: 10 of 20 for 247 yards and three TD passes without a turnover.

"The biggest thing Munchie did from improvement from the first half to the second half is taking what the defense gives you and if it's not there getting rid of the football," Butch Jones said. "I thought the first half he hung on to the ball too long, he took some unnecessary hits, ball security, whereas the second half he was a little more poised a little more under control and if it wasn't there he had the confidence to throw the ball away and play the next play."

--- Good news on the Drew Frey front. The safety suffered a sprained neck against Virginia Tech and never returned. Jones stated Tuesday the senior safety is cleared to practice and expected to play Saturday against Miami.

--- One of Jones' primary complaints came in the way UC finished the game. Not the final 1:39, obviously, but the opportunities to prior where the final drive wouldn't have been necessary.

UC allowed 17 fourth-quarter points and when given the ball with six minutes remaining and a chance to salt away the game with a long drive it quickly stalled.

"We have to do a better job finishing. That's where we have to take the next step as a football team. We need to finish the game. We need to take the ball the length of the football field, keep them off the field and score a touchdown. In that situation defensively, we have to close them out."

--- Miami QB Zac Dysert became the first player in college football history to throw for 500 yards and rush for 100 last week.

This only added fuel to Jones' fiery love affair with the Miami QB he recruited heavily while at Central Michigan.

"I've said, it you guys probably get sick and tired of me saying it but I'm Zac Dysert's biggest fan," Jones said. "We all know what he is capable of doing. He's very cerebral."

--- Since I know everyone will feel empty without this information. City BBQ came up huge this week with the first cornbread serving since Week 1. Huge.

Banana pudding continues to play like go-to veteran everyone expected it to be prior to the season.

--- Feel lost without any music to close the blog the last few days since I went with the UC highlight video and #GetTheDub yesterday. This Foo Fighters jam seems appropriate for today's content.

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