Glorious weather for USF game

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 In the middle of all of the conference angst, there still is a football game to be played Friday.

While going through some facts and figures for a radio interview, one of the best ones I saw came from The Weather Channel app I have on my IPad.  I was worried about warmer-than-average temperatures Friday, since Thanksgiving Day features a high of 65.

 However, a tad of our northern weather returns just in time for Friday night and South Florida.  Friday's high is set for 47. so it goes to reason that by kickoff that figure will drop into the low 40s and possibly upper 30s.

 Advantage UC.  Big time.

 Having witnessed nearly all of the UC/USF games in person, I have seen games played here as early as late October where the Bulls would be bundled up in tights, gloves and attire normally meant for Lambeau Field conditions.  As simple as it is, the Bulls from Tampa don't care for the cold.

For that matter, neither does anyone who lives in Florida on a regular basis.  Thankfully, UC's abundant Florida recruits have been acclimated to the ever-changing climate around here.

 Now, for those of you that recall BJ Daniels and company beating the Bearcats 38-30 in October of 2010, let me remind you that the temperatures had not yet dropped and it was 56 degrees.

 On the other hand, in 2008, it was a pre-Halloween night game that featured a Bearcat-friendly 42 degrees. UC won 24-10.  Likewise on Oct. 22, 2006 at 45 degrees, it was a 23-6 Bearcat victory.

 In 2004, it was Nov. 20 and no temperature was reported.  UC won 45-23 with Gino Guidugli having a pretty good day as I recall.  Though I remember the sun being out, I still have to think there was a nip at The Nipp that those from the Sunshine State might not have appreciated.

The obvious point is it's easier for UC to go to Tampa and play in warmth than it is for South Florida to come north and succeed in temperatures they associate with winter.  Historically, the NFL Buccaneers have encountered the same problems.

As I've disclosed before, I also have a degree from USF in addition to my UC degree.  I spent five years in Tampa and am very familiar with the football talent there and throughout the state.  Every DI school of note mines the interstates and orange groves of Florida.

 The weather is great, but their idea of winter and ours are worlds apart.  I remember the weather dropping to the 50s and seeing folks in winter coats.  The lowest I ever came across was 28 one December night and the power companies had rolling blackouts.  

When the department stores would  roll out winter sweaters, I still had my shorts on.

 In addition to seeing USF players dressed for "The Ice Bowl", I've witnessed Floridian Deion Sanders glued to a heated bench at Riverfront Stadium for a late December game between the Bengals and Falcons.  I also watched then-freshman Florida quarterback Chad Plummer hovering on the bench in the last game UC played at Kentucky in 1995.  With wind chills dipping into the teens and snow, that was by far the coldest game I ever did.

So, for those that might be shivering and cursing the cold Friday night, suck it up and realize the Bulls across the way are freezing and are likely as bundled up as Ralphie's brother in "A Christmas Story".
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