Inside the Bearcats Podcast: 11.27.12 -- Tommy G

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The podcast returns this week as we catch up with UC New Media and Broadcasting director Tom Gelehrter. I track him down as he  recently returned from Las Vegas with the basketball team and in-between calling games for 700WLW and ESPN and really anybody that broadcasts a signal out of the I-275 belt.

We discuss how close we came to seeing Chuck's streak end, the nickname debate, Titus Rubles, Walter Stewart, the unheralded defense and, of course, delicious cake.

Minutes 1-8: Get on the good foot with pleasantries, Vegas stories, the 50 shades of gray that is The Rent and a reminder to all college athletes: Don't bet on it.

8-12: Observations on the court from Vegas and the Titus Rubles effect.

12-15: looking ahead to Alabama and a considering what a bald President Ono will mean for the Bearcats ranking.

15-20: The nickname debate and the awkward moment when I try to divide the local broadcasting tandems. Oh, and we talk about cake for two minutes.

20-26: Talking football, jewelry accessories and a chance to seriously discuss one our all-time favorite Bearcats, Walter Stewart.

26-31: The overachieving, resilient defense and the beat up secondary.

31-33: Talking game times, TV and the 200 different places you can catch UC athletics and/or Tommy G this weekend. #TwitterPlugTime

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