It's Showtime (almost)

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With Wednesday night's win against Morehead State in the books, now it's time for the UC Bearcats to concentrate on the newly-named Crosstown Classic with Xavier at Fifth Third Arena on Sunday afternoon. Tickets are becoming scarce, so make sure you get yours soon, and there's no Bengals conflict-the men in stripes play after 4 p.m. in San Diego. By the way, wear red.

While Xavier has one more game Friday night before the Crosstown, UC has a clear schedule from now until Sunday. And while it is a cliche that 'you can throw the records out the window,' this game truly reflects that. You might remember that UC was undefeated before last year's Crosstown, but left without the Kendle Cup trophy and with its first loss of the season.

Here's what to watch, after seeing the Bearcats this early in the season: First, Dayeesha Hollins continues to sparkle. She seems to be more comfortable taking charge in her guard role, and when she sees that the shots aren't falling, she takes it upon herself to make shots. During the Morehead State game when it seemed as if there was a lid on the Bearcat basket, Dayeesha created chances by driving inside, looking for the layup or trying to draw the foul.

Second, watch the development of Lesha Dunn as a force inside. Dunn got sporadic playing time last season, but early this year, you can see the evolution of her game. She's become more confident in her shot and she's not afraid to get inside, sharp elbows notwithstanding. She has really improved her game and I think Bearcat fans will be pleased with her off-season development.

Third, Jamelle Elliott's starting to work her freshmen into the mix, including Jasmine Whitfield and Alexis Durley, although Destini Feagan got some playing time Wednesday night. Injuries have necessitated some of that experience, but you can tell that Coach Elliott believes in their skills. Might as well throw them into the deep end of the pool right away, because it only gets deeper during BIG EAST play.

It should be a great game, but also remember it's a day to celebrate girls and women in sports, with girls' youth teams eligible to win new uniforms, courtesy of TQL. On both sides of the court we'll see amazing role models for the next generation of player to follow. Join us on Sunday.



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