Tuesday Lunch: QB shuffle edition

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While it took 11 minutes for the quarterback conversation to pop up in Butch Jones' Tuesday press conference, that won't be the case here on the blog. I know what you people want and I'm going to give it to you. Though, it's more because I want to get this over with so we can all move on with our lives until Saturday.

Here's what we know: Jones has no plans of telling us who will be the starting quarterback until Saturday. He said Tuesday Brendon Kay, Munchie Legaux and even Jordan Luallen will all be in the mix competing for the starting position -- though that was news to Luallen.

For the sake of transparency, I didn't have a chance to speak with Munchie who was in class, but did come across Luallen and Kay.

The quarterback room appears to be a tight one and the message has been one of everyone preparing as if they will be the starter and helping each through the competition. They don't know when or where they will find out the plan about Saturday and don't seem too concerned about it. Especially for Kay and Luallen, they've needed to prepare for entering through any situation all season anyway, so any unknowns over their roll Saturday wouldn't be a new experience.

"Not different than any other week," Kay said. "Go out and compete, go to practice. My mentality is every week you have to prepare like you are the starter when your number gets called. So, it's not really that different. You go in with the same mentality just prepare like its any other week."

Jones said he trusts anyone in the room with the keys to this offense and all three are aware of his expectations.

"We are not going to tolerate carelessness with the football," he said. "We are going to take care of the football. I believe in all of our players but we have a standard on the football team. I think it is going to make all three better and I think it is going to turn out to be a huge advantage for our entire football team."

It certainly will make them difficult to prepare for. Kay, Luallen and Legaux are three very different quarterbacks. Kay brings the role of more prototypical passer, Legaux the combo passer/athlete and Luallen the change-of-pace running QB.

For anybody wondering about how either of these three will handle the unsettled situation, they aren't familiar with these three. They've all been through roller-coaster careers, to say the least. Luallen's played every position except maybe kicker, Kay's been battled injuries every year of his career and Legaux played WR while experiencing the ups and downs of starting QB pressure.

Through it all, the only constant has been each other.

"We have been here for three years now, all three of us have, we've all seen all kinds of situations," Luallen said. "Munchie playing wide receiver, me playing other positions, Brendon being injured an everything he's had, we've all been together through a lot of stuff. It makes it easy to be able to cheer for one another because we've been through the ups and downs together."

The makeup of this football team strays from the standard, according to Jones. And the could be one of the primary reasons not to be concerned about however the QB situation plays out.

"It's different than any football team I have coached," he said. "They are resilient and they just go with the flow. I mean it is truly amazing. When we made the change and Brendon stepped in the huddle, it was like, 'All right, let's go.' That's the great thing with this football team. Even though they are extremely young, they take it and they go with it. They don't ask questions, they just go. They don't care who it is. That has been great to see."

--- Jones specifically mentioned
Luallen's role will continue to expand. He ran six times for 32 yards and completed a pass for 14 yards in what is becoming the annual rite of throwing off Syracuse. 

Against a team like Temple whose struggled mightily stopping the run -- they rank dead last in the conference -- his style could give the Owls fits.

On thing is for sure, Luallen will be excited when the play is finished. His exuberant celebrations made for a highlight of the day through my eyes. The senior caught a fair amount of ribbing from friends, family and teammates for it.

"I have had a lot of people make fun of me saying I had more fist pumps than I did yards," Luallen said.

That's what he brings, though. He brings the juice.

"I just love playing football," he said. "It's just exciting for me to be able to get out there and play a few plays and stuff. It's been a long season so far, I guess that was a bit of pent up excitement and frustration and everything combined, but it was exciting. That's really just how I play football, it was the same way last year. That's just how I approach it."

--- Kay said the response he's heard since Saturday has been strong as well.

"The phone has been ringing off the hook," he said. "It's all good. Friends from back home they follow you and they are happy for you."

--- I know you folks can't get enough talk about the quarterback, but I'm to attempt to give the topic a rest here as the week goes on. Unless fresh news breaks (i.e. starter named) this will be it for that topic. There's not  much else we can say about it here.

--- Believe it or not there are other storylines beyond the quarterback situation that came up at the presser. Jones brought up the fact Nippert needs to be sold out. There were 26,180 at Saturday's game.

"I thought the people that were there did a tremendous job of making it a home-field advantage," Jones said. "Again, as we continue to move forward and progress Nippert needs to be sold out. That's just an overall consciousness and awareness of developing a football program. The people that came out were loud, they were in to the game, they created some momentum for us, especially when Syracuse is coming out the one turnover was in the student section. They did a great job of really being involved in the game."

--- DB Trenier Orr will be out this week, but Deven Drane (hand) will return along with S Arryn Chenault. They are expected to be in better health after the attrition that occurred over the last few weeks. They were all the way down to freshman Leviticus Payne and Kevin Brown against the Cuse. With all the depletion they were still able to hold Syracuse to seven points in the second half.

I'll have more on this topic later in the week, but those are the news nuggets.

--- If you want to see the video of the entire Jones presser, you can watch it here.

--- Because I know you guys care a lot of about it, the City BBQ peach cobbler was a game-changer today and quickly vanquished by us very fit media slobs.

--- Hope everybody got out to vote today and is proud to be an American. Or at least got themselves a neat little sticker to make yourself look strong to your co-workers.

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