Bearcats Beat Mailbag 12.11.12

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Going to try and start doing more of these as we go along and with all that's been happening around the program this seems as good a time as any break out the mailbag.

So, if you have any questions you'd like to have answers, just shoot me an email to or hit me up on Twitter at @pauldehnerjr. Any topic, off topic, it doesn't matter to me. Look forward to hearing from everybody.

Just remember, everybody, when you control the mail, you control ... information.

From Michael: I have a question that might require some research.
In the past 10 years, how many Div 1 football players actually graduated under the head coaches who recruited them? Likewise, how many see 2 or more head coaching changes before they graduate?

The reason I ask, is that so many local commentators talk about the UC dilemma of players losing their coach. However, I am not sure that the UC numbers are all that "bad" or "out of line" compared to the average (mean or median) of all programs.

That's a great question, Micheal, and as any reader of this blog knows, there are few posts I enjoy more than a statistical analysis. So, here's what my research churned out for you.

In order for a coach to recruit a player, then see him graduate, they'd need at least a five-year reign, maybe more. So, for the sake of argument, here are the number of current FBS coaches who have been at their program for the last five years:

A total of 31 out of 124 current head coaches served their first season in 2008 or earlier, meaning they've seen at least one recruiting class from beginning to end. In the other 93 programs, no current player saw the same coach from recruit to graduation.

Also, zero of the current Big East programs employed the same coach for a five-year tenure. As of now Syracuse's Doug Marrone, who was hired for the 2009 season, becomes the longest standing coach in the conference. Would a Frank Beamer or Bob Stoops be ideal? Absolutely. But those two are far in the minority.

From Robert: Cincy got a much better coach than Butch. Butch chose to leave behind David Johnson, his tight ends coach who joined him in Aug, 2011 after Butch's terrible first season in 2010. Johnson did a fantastic job with the tight ends , especially Travis Kelce. Johnson was recognized as one of the best tight ends coaches in the SEC conference during his seven years at UGA and was considered a great recruiter during the same period that Tuberville was at Auburn. Johnson did a fine job at WVU for three years as O-line coach. David Johnson is a man of impeccable character but was not one of Butch's buddies from CMU. Butch might come to to regret taking Mark Elder instead of Johnson with his experience in the SEC?


Nobody can deny the work Johnson did with Travis Kelce. He just turned in the best season by a tight end in UC history and depending on how his combine numbers turn out, should be selected in April's NFL Draft. With such a successful run of tight ends, the Bearcats are beginning to develop a reputation as a tight end factory. When Kelce hits the league, that will place three Bearcats tight ends in the NFL (Brent Celek, Adrien Robinson). Really, don't discount the work Johnson did with Adrien Robinson as well. Remember, Robinson rose up draft boards toward the end of his senior season and ended up as a fourth-round selection of the Giants. How Tuberville's staff breaks down is yet to be determined and nobody really knows who will stay or go at this point, but no doubt, Robert, Johnson proved his worth at UC.

From Steve: I have been a season ticket holder for three seasons now. Two of which have been with me living in Beaufort, SC. I have traveled well over 8,000 miles in the past 3 years to watch them play. I have shared my love for the City of Cincinnati and the Bearcats to friends of mine deep in SEC country. They now follow what the Bearcats are doing. Now if people in the greater Cincinnati would gave this program two seconds of their time. They would see what is being done there. And that it is being done with many kids from the Cincinnati area.


You are right, developing a deeper fan base continues to be the goal of the university constantly competing with the Reds and Bengals. Recruiting within the 200-mile radius of Cincinnati holds a top priority for Tuberville. Butch Jones focused much of his time recruiting the South with a definitive Florida/Georgia pipeline never before seen in Cincinnati. All that's fine and good and Tuberville should be able to pull a number of recruits from deep SEC territory considering his roots, expect a higher percentage of players coming from the OKI territory.

From Joseph: What happened with Armon Binns. He was doing so well at the beginning of the year, now I see he ended up in Miami? He was always a favorite and his catch in Pittsburgh remains my favorite UC memory of all-time?

BinnsBengals.jpgBinns played well all through OTAs and into training camp with the Bengals. He earned the starting gig opposite A.J. Green, but when the team hit a four-game losing streak midseason, he fell out of favor with coaches searching for consistent answers on offense. Once rookie Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones emerged, Binns got buried at the bottom of the receiver depth chart and couldn't stay active for games. The Bengals saw a roster crunch when they needed a second kicker with Mike Nugent straining his calf and somebody had to hit the waiver wire. Unfortunately, Binns was the guy, but what he did early in the season caught the eye of teams around the league since both New England and Miami placed a claim on him. Binns will receive a change to make an impact on a Dolphins team lacking receivers. And, for us in Cincinnati, we'll always have this.

From Rick: Paul - Thanks for the updates in your article this morning. I will be watching for the up tempo pace. Last year Mick mentioned on his radio show that Shaq would be one of the best frosh in the country this year. I don't know what prompted this statement but to-date this is not the case. How would you describe his progress and what do you see for him in the future? Go Cats and a supporter of Mick.


Shaq possesses a ton of athleticism but for now he spend much of his time on offense worrying about being in the right spot. Cronin's pushing Thomas to play without thinking about it right now, the development is a process. After multiple games this year Cronin's mentioned frustration not being able to get minutes for him, but that's the downside of playing a spot where JaQuon Parker, Titus Rubles, Justin Jackson and Jermaine Sanders are in the rotation.

Give him time. When he starts reacting instead of thinking and reacting he'll be a force on the court.

From Al: What's going on with Jeremiah Davis III. He was great and I thought he'd have a bigger role this year, but he hasn't been playing?


Unfortunately, Davis suffered an injury to a tendon in his non-shooting hands. The last we heard about it was after Thursday's game. Cronin said they were contemplating surgery. If surgery is the answer, more than likely you'll see JD3 earn a redshirt year. That would probably be good for him because any time he's playing behind Sean Kilpatrick the minutes would be extremely limited and that's how Mick was attempting to groom him.

From Chris: Are you the new kicker for the Bengals? That dude looks exactly like you!


Just because a football player is bald doesn't mean he looks like me. Are you saying all bald people look alike? Maybe you're a baldist! Just kidding, of course, because I actually do look quite a bit like Josh Brown. I also look like Trent Dilfer. And Matt Hasselbeck. You pretty much can just pick a bald kicker or QB and you've got me pegged. 

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