Can't We All Just Root Along

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What a whirlwind 48 hours on the campus as Butch Jones exited for Tennessee and Tommy Tuberville almost got caught in the revolving door Butch dashed from. Before the UC faithful reached a crescendo of hate they were celebrating the arrival of Coach Tuberville. This college coaching carousel has to be modified or outright eliminated, but how?

I challenged UC fans who were so critical of Butch Jones leaving his players behind to view Coach Tuberville the same way. If you can, thank you and trust me I am not mad at either one of them. It's the business of college sports like it or not. Contracts aren't worth the paper they're printed on and a coach's word is only real when it doesn't interfere with their next stop. I think Chris Rock said it, "People are only as loyal as their options." In fairness to coaches, like Jon Embree who was fired by Colorado when he didn't rebuild a broken down program fast enough, university's aren't loyal to coaches either. There are the conspiracy theorist who say the booster are the blame; some say attendance drives decisions and other will say the barometer of donations is the guide. It's all wrong. If you sign a coach to a five year deal and he's losing you honor your contract, but that will never happen. If a coach signs a five year deal the coach should honor that as well but we know that's not true either; and the kids lose either way. How would you feel as a kid, or his parents when they come into your home and promise you to be there to see you graduate and the following year they're calling a team meeting to tell you it was the toughest decision they've ever made and it was a family decision, as if that lightens the pain. Bottom line is kids grow up quick and reality slaps them hard because all the rhetoric they were fed instantly becomes superfluous sentences. They understand everyone is saying only what they need to get what they want in the moment including them to sign on the recruitment line.

So am I mad at Butch Jones? Absolutely not. Tommy Tuberville? Not a chance. I'm mad because we get angry when our guy leaves and clap when someone's departed becomes our decorated. I get frustrated when we tell kids about values and morals only to turn around and show them money matters most. That is the real crime; the real problem and that issue that may never be resolved. 

Whit Babcok has to keep the athletic program viable and he does it within the rules. He lost a coach and immediately secured another one with more big game experience on the main stage. That seems to have everyone happy for now and lets hope a year from now they're even happier. You have to applaud Whit for being in ready mode and acting quick enough for the current players to determine whether staying here is an option. I have a feeling Tuberville's southern drawl blended with football speak will be a unique attraction for the current UC players. Listening to Coach Tuberville made more than one person want to don football equipment and run through the proverbial wall during his press conference. He's just that inspiring without a doubt. Now he has to inspire the ones that count on their coach to be there the following year and mean it. That is the biggest challenge of any coach and university these days, building a long term relationship with the players and each other.

That's the way I see it, sitting in The Box Seat.

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