Inside the Bearcats Podcast 12.20.12 -- Zac Jackson and Rick Broering

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With The Crosstown officially in the books, we must rehash what it all means going forward. Thursday I decided to do that by bringing in national columnist from Zac Jackson for the first 20 minutes as we talk about UC's suffocating defense, where they rank among other teams in Ohio and how run down a phone battery in under three hours.

For the second 25 minutes of the podcast I chatted with Rick Broering of to talk about the future location of the Xavier-UC game. It appears Xavier wants it on campus and UC will fight for it to stay at US Bank. Rick and I share this podcast to discuss how both sides feel about the issue and what will ultimately become of this rivalry going forward.

Thanks for reading and listening -- enjoy the podcast. And as always shoot any questions, comments or suggestions to me via email to or hit me up on Twitter at @pauldehnerjr. And yes, I'm working on this being downloadable to iTunes and am very close to making that happen. Things are happening, the wheels are in motion.

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