Kelce and Kay go out with a bang at the Belk

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In one of the more unpredictable bowls that I can recall (and I've seen them all since 1997) UC beat Duke 48-34 at the Belk Bowl in a game where everyone was pulling for Duke outside of those that made the trip down in red and black. 

That includes locals that were sponsors and freelance workers.  Nothing wrong with that, most of the folks are from North Carolina so they understandably would pull for their neighbors from Durham.

I'm not going to rehash the game, as I assume most of you watched it.  I think we're all in agreement that after a 16-3 deficit in the first quarter, things were looking bleak at the Belk.

However, the mark of a champion is to pull together, band together, work together and unite to prevail.  Understaffed and with some odds against them, Team 125 gave their fans one of the more memorable games in Bearcat football history. 

They may have saved the best for last. 

John Williams recovers a fumble when it appears Duke will score to take the lead.

Brendon Kay then hits Travis Kelce for a long touchdown that brings the house down.

If that wasn't enough, Maalik Bomar racks up Duke quarterback Sean Renfree to jar the ball loose for Nick Temple to pick up a score the knockout blow.

I could go on, but perhaps Mr. Kelce could say it best:

(Addendum: clearly my video ran out. I will post a celebration video shortly that's more comprehensive.)

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