Bearcats Breakfast 2.14.13

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Much to get to today with a few quick points here and a media availability this afternoon and catching up with a very important former UC player as well.

Before you get on with your day, all of you should be sure to read this piece on Walter Stewart by Jeff Darlington at the NFL Network. As Stewart prepares for the NFL Combine, his case is among the most fascinating at the event I can remember. Doctors are significantly split on his situation and he may very well have a career in the league in front of him. If so, couldn't happen to a better guy.

And it's an excuse to bring back the Get the Dub rap song Walt created last year. Maybe one of my favorite posts to write ever.

Let's eat ...

--- Yesterday, the football
team was honored at the Ohio Statehouse for the shared Big East championship. Cool moment for the players and a proud one for the program.

--- Also, in case you missed it yesterday, Tommy G and I sat down for the latest podcast discussing a number of UC-related items. Our first seven minutes focused primarily on the Harlem Shake. The potential for a great Shake video at UC is limitless. Keep your eye out for that and give a listen to the podcast.

--- The women's basketball team
earned their first conference win last night against Marquette. Betsy Ross documents a game that had it all, including a game-winning inside swerve for a bucket at the buzzer by Tiffany Turner. Great assist by Dayeesha Hollins to make it happen as well.

Here's Jamelle Elliott talking about the win.

--- The Big East is wide open folks. For anybody who thinks UC is out of the running for a double bye or to a lesser extent the regular season title, they have not been paying attention. UConn took down Syracuse last night and as Andy Katz wrote for ESPN, they have their eyes set on a regular season title since they are ineligible for all postseason play. Actually makes for a tough draw on UC, who will have to play UConn two times in their final six games. The Huskies will be battling like its the Final Four because for them it will be.

Another reason this Georgetown game is massive. Could play out for major tiebreaker implications come BE Tourney time and be the difference between double bye and having to take on the likes of St. John's in their first game.

Remember, the Hoyas still have two games left with Syracuse, so the leaders will continue to fall back to the pack.

--- Otto Porter is a beast.
He'll be a load to handle. The 6-8, 205-pound sophomore does it all on the court. My guess is we'll see a lot of Justin Jackson on him, but we'll talk more with Mick today about how to handle the guy.

Over the last nine games, where Georgetown lost but once, he's been phenomenal. He's averaging 18.6 points and 8.9 rebounds all while shooting 16 of 33 from long range (48.4 percent). He's dangerous everywhere on the court.

--- A call to arms of sorts was brought to my attention from marketing maven Brad Wurthman yesterday. He mentioned the lack of new big heads showing up in the student section this year and the high expectations he has for that to change Friday night. ESPN, sole Friday night stage, this needs to be a breakout game for originality down there.

Brad and the UC folks aren't asking for a cheer sheat, like this gem they produce down at Duke, but just some new material.

I bring this up because I was on the ground floor of the big head movement here and hate to see it fade away as it has. Remember, all you have to do is take your picture to any copy spot and they'll make your head for about $9. Happy heading.

--- A fact I didn't know I also found out yesterday is that the UC Dance Team will be representing the United States in the world games. They finished second in hip hop at the nationals (amid controversy, I hear) but were chosen as the US team. Awesome. The halftime angry hip hop routine always makes me want to dance. Thankfully, I don't.

--- Randomness ...

--- Not sure if Gus Johnson on soccer would be a disaster or genius. Leaning more toward genius. It made soccer more exciting and that's not easy to do.

--- I'd been waiting for Pope Bracket to come out and it happened. Thanks, Internet. Though, I think the committee has some explaining to do about the brutal Italian Region.

--- Here's hoping I don't get stuck with this dog behind me at a light. Seems more disciplined than Toonces the Driving Cat, though. I  imagine a scenario where I lean out the window and yell back to him, "Easy on the horn, big dog," and crack myself up.

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