Bearcats Breakfast 2.18.13

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You know how Monday morning really sets the tone for the week? Well, I'm currently experiencing a tone-setting much like Johnny Cueto hurting his back eight pitches into the playoffs. Only, gloomier.

Went to write this blog today and my computer didn't turn on. Just won't. Anyway, much thanks to the folks at Best Buy who were able to figure out the problem and stop all the nightmare scenarios from running through my head.

As for the basketball Bearcats, here's much of Mick's message from Saturday night that I wrote in my column and another great entry from Dan Hoard about missing Dion Dixon's offense and the staggering numbers behind turning defense into offense.

As for today's Breakfast, let's eat ...

--- Time to take stock of the Big East landscape as we enter the final few weeks of the regular season. With five games remaining, the Bearcats are 2.5 games out of first place, two games back of Louisville for the fourth spot (and final double-bye in Big East tournament) and one win shy win No. 20.

Every weekend in the Big East turns into a confusing mess. The latest involves the emergence of Providence, who has now won four in a row (one of those over UC) after punishing Notre Dame on Saturday.

As far as seeding and the NCAA tournament goes, most places have UC currently sitting around a 7 seed. As far as the Big East Tournament goes, they only need to avoid being caught by Providence, who is one game back, or they could end up playing on Tuesday with the different tournament breakdown this year.

There will be two games on Tuesday in New York, the 14 vs. 11 and 13 vs. 12. With UConn ineligible for postseason play, there are only 14 teams in the tournament.

More than likely, it appears UC will be somewhere in the Wednesday mix of teams seeded between 5 and 10. And games between all of those teams have been a crapshoot all season.

--- UC plays at UConn on Thursday at 7 p.m. Two of the next three games will be against the Huskies (17-7, 7-5) who surprisingly lost at home to Villanova this weekend.

The road has been a comfortable place for UC and perhaps what they need after losing two of three at Fifth Third last week.

At 5-2 in true road games, they lead the Big East in road winning percentage. Throw in the perfect 3-0 record in neutral site games and the lead grows even more.

A successful road trip, which has been at the core of the rebuild of this program the last few years, feels like a great remedy for the sting of Pittsburgh and Georgetown.

--- People need to stop
suggesting to me UC change the offensive style at this point in the season. Stop it. You can't learn an entirely new system with five games to go before the postseason. Find a way to get better at what you are doing and create more shots.

--- Mick Cronin Show tonight at 8:05 from the Montgomery Inn and on 700WLW. Should be a good listen. You've obviously got questions, Mick always allows thoughtful answers.

--- An interesting look at if blowout losses spell tourney doom from the guys at CBS. UC's worst loss is the 10-point margin against Pitt. In the last 20 years, only five teams who won the tournament didn't suffer at least one double-digit loss during the season.

--- Tough weekend for the baseball team. They were swept in their opening series by Florida Atlantic, Sunday's finale being of the extra-inning walk-off variety. Justin Glass made his presence known though with a home run and RBI double to start off his anticipated junior season.

--- This is from last week, but in case you haven't been following ESPN's countdown of the top players from the Big East in 2012, they posted Travis Kelce (No. 10) and George Winn (No. 8).

--- James White didn't win the Slam Dunk Contest
on Saturday, but he did break out a flight crew and dunk from just inside the free throw line with two hands.

Some randomness ...

--- Being bald isn't a big deal, coming to terms with it is. This dude sang a song about coming to terms with it while actually coming to terms with it having his head shaved. Kudos to you, sir, the bald community grows by one. (Disclaimer: some bad language in video)

--- When life imitates Monty Python, I pay attention. Apparently bunnies are attacking cars in Denver. "Runaway! Runaway!"

--- Stevie Franchise has not been doing well.

--- When doing the Harlem Shake goes wrong.

That did not happen at UC, where they broke out likely the first Harlem Shake with a live Bearcat. Props to everyone that organized this before Friday's game.

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