Bearcats Breakfast 2.20.13

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When I did a podcast this summer with Cashmere Wright and Sean Kilpatrick, we touched on a wide range of topics. Cash's fixation for Waffle House, addictions to chicken fingers/fries and surprising loves for watching golf. But among the topics SK delved into was his favorite moment of last year and his career: the game-winner to beat UConn.

In case you forgot ....

One of the interesting elements SK talked about was how he had no idea the shot went in until he saw Yancy Gates going crazy. You can listen to his description of the moment by jumping forward to the 14-minute mark of the podcast here.

All that said, SK and the Bearcats return to Connecticut on Thursday, though this time they will play in Hartford instead of on the Storrs campus.

Still, Kilpatrick doesn't hide what going back means to him. 

"That whole game it will probably still be playing in my mind," he said.

Only, this year, the game changes a bit for SK. Even as he took over as the leading scorer last year, he never really viewed himself as the depended upon leader in those situations. As a sophomore he deferred to the likes of Yancy and Dion Dixon. You can tell in the way he talks about it how much he takes the pressure on of carrying this team more than he did last season.

"Now is going to be a little different," he said. "Now I am one of the key guys that's in the situation where I need to make more plays like that this time and be able to come up big on the defensive end because we know they have great guards."

Let's eat ...

--- Bill Koch wrote a story on
uncalled fouls across college basketball. An interesting read and more in-depth comments on a topic Cronin has been preaching repeatedly about this season.

I've seen some people reacting saying he's complaining about refs limiting UC's scoring and I certainly didn't view it that way. He was speaking generally about the "epidemic" of scoring being down across college basketball. It certainly serves detrimentally to a more finesse scoring team as the Bearcats are this year, but benefits their physical style on the defensive end.

--- SK touched on the fouls topic, but more about the biggest differences as a recognized premier scorer this season. Publicity and gaudy numbers can really be a pain in the Musburgers.

Asked how the grabbing and holding he experiences this year under defensive attention compares to last year, he didn't hold back.

"It's 10 times worse," he said.

He wasn't put off by it, he said he understands it happens because both teams will do whatever they can to win. Although, a few refs "look out for you."

The change didn't come as a surprise.

"That's something I've been adjusting to all throughout this summer because coach told me those types of things are going to be happening."

--- If you didn't see my
story yesterday on the importance of JaQuon Parker's offense, here it is. I can't stress enough how critical this could be for UC down the stretch. Really think he could be the difference in the extra 3-5 points a game UC needs to get over the hump against elite teams. We shall see.

--- Marquette (10-3) takes sole possession
of first place by beating up on Seton Hall last night. Though, it might not last long as the Cuse and GTown can tie with home wins tonight. Watching the Orange against a hot Providence team should be interesting. Look out for PC to provide some nervous moments to the Carrier Dome folks.

--- Andy Glockner at SI produces Bubble Watch every week and it's got a good look at where UC and others in the murky Big East stand.

--- Strong addition to the Fox Sports Ohio staff Kevin Goheen talks about Tommy Tuberville's addition of Vince Suriano, formerly the the head coach at Anderson; he also delves into Urban Meyer's hopes to "smother" Cincinnati.

Old Urb not afraid to break out the fighting words before his spring game takes over PBS in April.

If you aren't following Kevin on Twitter, you should, he'll be tweeting about all things SW Ohio sports, with plenty of Bearcats goodness. You won't regret it, click here to jump on the Goheen Express.

--- For those that didn't know, it appears Jameel Poteat is transferring. The RB fell down the depth chart and never found his drive at UC. He entered as a big name and four-star recruit. Just the latest reminder to stop drooling over signing day stars. Seriously, stop it.

--- Did you miss hearing realignment rumors? I know you did. A few more surfaced yesterday, as they tend to do ... always. This time from Jeff Ermann of Inside Maryland Sports (he was out in front of UM to B1G story, but still ...). Bottom line, as we've been saying, realignment is not over which is why there is no reason to fret around UC. And obviously, as you read in yesterday's Enquirer, the UC administration isn't messing around staying in the conversation.

In case you haven't seen the Nippert renovation video. Here you go.

--- Some randomness ...

--- It's the Ghostbusters HQ in legos. Which is awesome. By the way, if you want to a real-life replica of the outside of Ghostbusters HQ head to Covington and check the building across from Molly Malone's. All that's missing is Ecto1 out front.

--- The RPI is still bogus. As if you needed more proof.

--- Your must read of the day comes from my mentor and good friend Justice Hill, longform piece on taking an unorthodox path through racial stereotypes helping form a coach's identity. As always, incredible from one of the best.

--- This Mariners shortstop
is trying to gain about 30 pounds by eating 6500 calories a day.

Don't do it. Signed, my mid 20s.

--- The Bonnaroo lineup was announced, it's ridiculously loaded as always. McCartney, Wilco, Mumford, Petty, Wu-Tang. Heck, even Wierd Al is going to be there.

The National will be at both Bonnaroo and Bunbury here in Cincinnati. Here's a taste of them. If you don't know, now you know. Enjoy the day.

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