Bearcats Bubble comes in handy in non-spring spring ball weather

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When you check the temperature first thing in the morning and it's 18 degrees, you kind of have an inkling that spring has not yet set in.

When spring football practice begins at 9 a.m. and it's 27 degrees at UC, you find yourself very thankful for the Sheakley Athletics Center.  Despite some early March sun, the Bearcats are often able to get more done inside when it's below 40 outside.

Sure, football is played in the elements, but the upside for the southern schools has always been weather more conducive to getting a lot of work in.  Now, if there's rain, sleet, snow or just general all-around shivering weather, UC is able to go inside and be productive.

Everyone's happy.  Including the media who celebrates such luxury in pictures:

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