Corryville's Tuberville gets his first spring look at the Bearcats

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By Scott Springer

Over the course of time, the perception of UC football has changed dramatically.

Several years ago, if I mentioned I was coming to UC football spring practice, I might have been asked, "Why?", or "I didn't know they had spring practice."

This March 1, a full media contingent was on hand.  There were possibly more total media in the Sheakley Athletic Center (a/k/a "The Bubble") for the opening of practice than there have been at some spring games/Bearcat Bowls in the past.

A high profile coach and a few bowl wins will do that.

Today, I get to show you some of the fancy formal training the Gannett folks have put us through.  We now shoot videos, voice them and edit them on our phones.  This little number was put together in my car in the Corry Garage.

Here's a brief look at today's practice.  I will have some more interview-type videos, etc. and I'm no match for young Video Shane and company, but this is mildly tolerable for a guy that used to bang out quite a bit of his work on an IBM Selectric.

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