Max Morrison should be in an Allstate commercial

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Instead of Mayhem, the character that seemingly turns everything into disarray during the Allstate commercials, perhaps the insurance company could take a look at UC's No. 82, Max Morrison.

At several practices and scrimmages this spring, he has caught everything around him.  An early spring injury to Alex Chisum opened the door for Morrison to get more reps and the lean "hands machine" from Kenton, Ohio has answered the bell.

The Kenton, Ohio reference should be a hint.

He played for Mike Mauk, father of Ben.  Ben Mauk had some pretty gawdy passing statistics as a Bearcat under Brian Kelly, and then went on to be a valuable grad assistant once his eligibility was up.  He now coaches with his father.

Ben's brother, Maty, was also a highly-touted quarterback who often found Morrison open in high school. The 6-foot-1, 179-pound wideout led the nation in receptions with 142 in his senior year and had 98 grabs as a junior.

Watching him, it's evident that he has good hands.  Following the DNA tree a little more helps you understand why.

His father, Rick, was a college receiver at Ball State.  Rick's father was Joe Morrison who had all sorts of records as a Bearcat and later played in the NFL and was a college coach.

His uncle, Gary Moeller, is the former Michigan coach and he also had a stint here coaching linebackers with the Cincinnati Bengals.

So, before you write-off what looks like a slight-built receiver compared to some that have NFL bodies, look at the "body of work".  It's there.

Plus, the eyes don't lie.  Many have seen it in practice and you can also tell a lot about a person in conversation.

I'll let you judge for yourself:

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