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The University of Cincinnati and  most teams are already in post season mode and as the regular season winds down and the league tournaments start up there is only one area of improvement the Bearcats have to fix. Scoring in the post in the post season; without it the mountain gets a little higher.

I know this is not rocket science or a major discovery but the post season always offer the chance to start over, fix what is broken or to have an epiphany. If you look at last year's run please don't tell me that the majority of us had UC in the sweet 16 but it happened. With the rotating number one teams this year, the evidence supports the fact that anything is possible starting tournament time. Advantage defense, disadvantage post play for now for the Bearcats. As the do or die nature of the NCAA March Madness stage so often does, it affords seniors and teams one last chance to get it right. One final time to throw caution to the wind and one last time to wear the uniform; and hopefully it's not that mess of a uniform Adidas is shoving down the contractual teams' collective throats. Just my honest opinion.

So with the dismantling of the Big East tournament; the uncertainty of admission into a more respectable and deserving conference UC is playing for more than a national championship. They're playing for respect and admission. They're playing for a date with one one of the more attractive conferences and a solid statement that we are no longer an uncertainty but a definitive athletic program with basketball and football success.

The success of UC is well documented with players in the NFL and NBA and olympians as well. But in the what have you done for me lately world of college athletics, it's what can you bring our conference in the form of attendance and dollars and this will be a big test for UC. Seeding is the X Factor because the further away they seed and send you the harder it is for you to make your case. I think in all candor one of the things that makes Louisville attractive is their fans will hit the road and wear the signature red symbolizing solidarity. I've seen it with UC at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and i hope to see it this post season in the Big East tournament as well as the NCAA's. UC should get in regardless after beating UConn and from there the skies the limit or at least the sky above the rim where the big men play. This post season is where the post players will have to post respectable numbers for UC to make statements across the board. No one wants it more than the players do because seeing the stats next to your name that signal a significant contribution is priceless. These kids have done things right off the court, no horror stories that I know of and no lacking in the classroom either. So they have already represented the C in the right way and we know Coach Mick Cronin won't have it any other way. He just wants one more thing from the big men and that's big production. And to be honest it's not a big request.

I have posted my opinion, now lets hope they post the numbers...

That's the way I see it sitting in The Box Seat

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