Bearcats Breakfast 4.23.13

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Well, Bearcats, interesting day yesterday. For outsiders, the ACC passing a Grant of Rights deal through 2027 came as a surprise. A common thought existed that it was only a matter of time until the B1G went plucking for more and the ACC was ripe. Well, no longer. With the TV rights now connected to the league, no teams will be going anywhere. 

So, the chances of UC going to that conference as a replacement for a school leaving have fallen to nearly zero. It's another obstacle for the Bearcats, as Mike DeCourcy writes. And people like Stewart Mandel here at SI, as well as many others, see this halting conference realignment. 

Likely true. The ACC still remains a possibility as they deal with an odd conference number of 15, the chance exists to add one or two more schools to set a more workable number. Mandel pointed out how much of a scheduling and imbalance headache 14 was last year for the SEC. A few seasons dealing with those nightmares could open the door of additions. 

Particularly in basketball, this reality takes little relevancy from schools like UC and UConn, as Andy Katz outlined this morning here

Winning maintains relevancy in every sport. And will continue to do so in The American or any other place the Bearcats play as AD Whit Babcock stated in this story from Bill Koch in today's Enquirer: 

"Today's news from the ACC could certainly halt or slow down realignment, at least at the BCS level," he said in a text message. "Time will tell. We will keep doing the same thing we have been. Working hard to move UC forward every day and position ourselves as best we can on a national level."

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about any topic surrounding UC athletics shoot me an email to or hit me up on Twitter @pauldehnerjr. 

Now then, let's eat ...

--- I wrote about Isaiah Pead yesterday. Hope you will read the story here. Always a great interview, Pead delivered again when I spoke to him. He's open, thoughtful, honest and always able to share a laugh. 

You can place me down among those shocked he didn't enjoy success his rookie year. After watching his career here, he seemed destined to breakout in a league where so many teams seek explosive home-run hitters who can do everything out of the backfield. It doesn't always work out that way. Running back certainly is a prickly position to predict, the hardest in my opinion. 

He was clearly frustrated -- with maybe that word not being strong enough -- with what evolved during his rookie season. The door appears to be open for him to still make an impact this year with Steven Jackson gone and the job back up for grabs. Though, I'd expect the Rams to draft a RB at some point to jump into the competition with Pead and Daryl Richardson. 

There was much left on the editing room floor from my conversation with Pead, here's a few: 

On if he'll be paying attention to the draft this weekend: 

"Not really. Just because knowing what I know now from being on that side a year ago and being around that now, that day is definitely important and special for them guys and the organization. But that next day is back to reality and starting back from ground zero and you got to make a name. It's still on you. It's not a given." 

On how being relegated down the depth chart affected him: 

"That's one thing, it shut me up. I just watched everything from Jack to Sam (Bradford) to Cortland Finnegan. Just watching people." 

On lessons learned from veteran RB Steven Jackson: 

"He would talk to me and let me know that it's a game within a game and everything is evaluated, on the field, off the field, pulling up to a red light. You are always watched, you are always evaluated. You can't ever let them see you sweat." 

--- Solid weekend for the Bearcats baseball team which won three in a row before falling in the series finale against Villanova on Sunday. 

Ashley Davis documented the offensive rise of these two freshman catchers from her game observations. Here's her note:  

Woody Wallace, the everyday catcher, found his swing again Sunday, going 4 for 4 from the plate.
Russell Clark, hitting in the DH spot Sunday, went 3 for 5 with one run scored. Clark has been hitting well lately. He hit his first career home run against Ohio State on Wednesday and Saturday had a hit to drive in two runs. His batting average now sits at an even .300 in 40 at-bats. Cleary has taken notice of his recent success.
"[He] just really started off slow and I think it took a little while to get comfortable in the batter's box," Brian Cleary said. "But he's done a good job with it and certainly we're going to need to take advantage of that bat."

--- Also, freshman Mitch Pattishall continues to drop the hammer. Since scribes are so often wrong, excuse me if I point out a stroy I wrote that's turned out to be right. It seems Pattishall really turned the corner in his development after the game at GABP. He's been phenomenal since that day. He pitched a complete-game shutout on Saturday in the win against Nova. 

He's gone into the seventh inning in both starts (both wins) having not done that all season. In 15 2-3 innings, he's allowed but one run and six hits. Ace stuff, folks. 

--- Randomness ...

--- Chickens fight the law, the law wins. 

--- Hey look, my career is ranked 200th out of 200 for worst possible job choice. Literally, "dishwasher" is 13 spots ahead of newspaper reporter. 

--- There's a number of things I would do with $150k, building a batcave probably wouldn't be among them. But it does look pretty sweet. 

--- Happy time for today's music, big fan of this B.O.B. song. Enjoy and have a great day everyone. 

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