Bearcats Breakfast 4.26.13

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The first round of the NFL draft went into the books Thursday night without much intrigue, as expected for the Bearcats contingent. Travis Kelce should be coming off the board Friday night, though. 

Any chance of him staying in Cincinnati was erased when the Bengals saw top TE Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame) slide to them at No. 21. There aren't too many bad fits for a player like Kelce, if you were weighing the best spots for him to land. If you were looking for the ideal scenario, my top five best fits would look like this: 

1. Atlanta: Great team, playbook centered around TE, learn for a year under Tony Gonzalez before he retires.
2. Philadelphia: Isn't this where all Bearcats go? Most importantly, would join his brother with Eagles and play with Brent Celek.
3. Pittsburgh: Quality QB used to utilizing tight end, set to take over for Heath Miller on the back end of his career.
4. Washington: Up-and-coming team using run-pass option at QB suits Kelce, Fred Davis only legit starter. 
5. Cleveland: Return to hometown and ability to play immediately. QB an issue, but Kelce would be counted on from Day 1. 

I'd also toss San Diego into the mix of great landing spots and I'm sure that city would work just fine for Kelce. Regardless, anybody that drafts Kelce will have plans for him to become a major part of their system. Should be a great day for the Kelce family. And if he ends up slipping into the fourth round on Saturday, that will be a great day, too, for a family unconcerned by what round they're selected. 

Remember to shoot me an email to or hit me up on Twitter @pauldehnerjr if you have any questions, comments or ideas for funneling every Bearcats player to the Eagles. 

Let's eat ...

--- Elsewhere this weekend, look for George Winn to be the next Bearcats player to hear his name, probably in the sixth round or so. Whoever takes Winn will be gaining a steal, even though with running backs it's hard to know. Still, to gain that type of production, durability and a special teams dynamo that late in the draft brings significant value. 

Kenbrell Thompkins and Dan Giordano will be holding on for the later round selections also. Yet, I'm of the opinion if it's the seventh round, while being drafted would be nice, becoming an undfrafted free agent might end up being the better deal at the end of the day. The signing bonus isn't what you would receive as a pick, but the ability to handpick the best fit for you instead of being shipped into a situation seems worth it. 

Look no further than Armon Binns and JK Schaffer, although both picked Jacksonville and didn't make it, they'd shown enough to end up on the Bengals practice squad and set themselves up nicely for playing time. Binns will be in the mix for Miami and Schaffer has a good chance to latch on the back of the roster for Cincinnati this year. 

Plus, in this day where such a large number of Pro Bowlers aren't selected, there's no shame in the undrafted tag. 

--- The Big East blog at ESPN looked at total draft picks among current American Athletic teams, UC stands second for total players drafted to the NFL since 2003 (24). 

--- Possible new helmet for Bearcats football circulating The Twitters. I would support that. Like the logo explosion concept. 

--- In NBA draft decision news, this is a few days late, but Russ Smith will be returning to Louisville. He'll be the preseason player of the year in the conference and maybe the country. The Cardinals are still losing a lot (Siva, Dieng, etc.) but will be the team to beat. 

Remember when people wondered if SK's decision was maturity or just common sense? Again, they go hand in hand. See: Dedmon, DeWayne. 

--- If you haven't been out to the Sheakley Athletics Center for an event, this weekend will be a prime opportunity. The lacrosse team closes out its season and will be holding a BBQ Bash. Games are tonight at 4 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m. 

--- Here is Brian Cleary discussing the baseball team's trip to Pittsburgh this weekend. 

Randomness ...

--- Must read: Boston Globe story of the man who was carjacked by the marathon bombers. This is stuff you only hear about in movies. 

--- Is there anything better for NFL Network's Draft ratings than Chris Berman?  To be honest, though, the attempts to make the draft this made for TV event have made it a made for Twitter event. Was more enjoyable following it on Twitter with the sound down on the TV last night than in any year in recent memory. 

--- There are few things I enjoy individually more than mascots and surprising facts. Put them together and you have a heck of a blog post. Most notably, there is a Mascots Grand National event that has mascots from everywhere competing in some type of hurdling in England. 

Some people want to travel for beautiful vistas, exotic cuisine or enriching culture. I would absolutely be down to attend these mascot games tomorrow. 

--- When you next see a rat, you should tickle it. 

--- Arcade Fire not only rocks out, they help out. Welcome to our new kinder, gentler world of Rock N' Roll where instead of trashing hotel rooms they rebuild floral shops. 

In their honor and to the 6,300 UC students graduating this weekend, here's AF with Ready to Start. Have a great day everybody. 

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