Bearcats Breakfast 4.30.13

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Not often we lead off with golf around these parts, but not often we see a tournament put together like the one senior David Tepe put together in Orlando the last two days. He enters today's final round of the Big East championship with a two-stroke lead riding back to back 69s. 

The crazy aspect of Tepe's run is how far out of nowhere this came from. His best career finish was a second place as a junior, but now he could go home with his first win on the biggest stage in the conference. 

Of course, keep it locked to for updates on how Tepe fairs in his final round attempting to bring home the Big East title. 

As always, if you have any comments, questions or suggesstions, shoot them to me at or hit me up on Twitter @pauldehnerjr. 

Let's eat ...

--- While we are making the rounds, have to recognize the lacrosse team for their first ever Big East victory, 9-8, against Rutgers. Pretty cool the victory came on Senior Day with senior Katie Kiriazoglou netting the game-winner with 15 seconds left. Crazy how those Senior Day games always seem to play out that way. 

The lacrosse program finished the season 7-9, 1-7 and the seven wins are tied for the most in program history. Have to believe this will help first-year coach Gina Oliver move the team in the right direction. 

--- Wanted to dip into the email questions today, after receiving this one from Al S., 

"I was hoping you could get the scoop on the Offensive Line for this coming season. There has not been much written about them recently. Perhaps it's because the entire starting line was returning from last year or that we have a new offensive line coach. Anyway, I was wondering who the anticipated starters are for the coming season and who on the second unit might be pushing for playing time? Also, I understood Coach TT to say that they needed to get bigger. How is that going? One more question. Doesn't our new O line coach have some experience running from the Pistol formation? Can we expect to see some of the Pistol incorporated into our offense this year?"

--- Let's open with the starters. Yes, all five starting offensive linemen will be back this year with LT Eric Lefeld, LG Austen Bujnoch, C Dan Sprague, RG Sam Longo and RT Parker Ehinger. 

If this group wasn't getting enough ink now, don't worry, that will change in the fall because they will be the backbone of this team. I'd argue they are the strongest individual position group, immediately followed by the linebackers. 

As for the second unit pushing for playing time, it will be a battle, but it will probably take an injury to unseat any of the starters considering how well they played last year plowing the way for George Winn and keeping Munchie Legaux/Brendon Kay clean. 

The offensive linemen are in a strength and conditioning program just like the rest of the team, and I can assure these guys aren't missing any workouts. With Bujnoch as one of the core team leaders heading that room, everyone has bought into what he's selling. 

Texas Tech ran some pistol under Tuberville and there were some glimpses of it at spring practice. I'm sure you will see some version of it next year. How much or how little is unknown at this time. 

Great question(s), Al. Keep them coming. 

--- Lance Stephenson officially making a name for himself these playoffs in case anyone wasn't paying attention to him during the regular season. He nearly went triple-double last night with 10 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. Also, at +4, he had the highest +/- of any Pacers player in the 102-91 loss at Atlanta. 

--- The pundits are eating up Louisville for next football season. ESPN has them as the No. 4 team in the country right now. All about Teddy Bridgewater there, who had some experts talking about a top 5 pick next season. Remember, Matt Barkley and Geno Smith were locks for the top 5 this time last year as well. 

--- Andy Katz wrote yesterday that San Diego State is looking to push back their game at Fifth Third next season because the difficulty of their schedule due to conference realignment. Good news is the Bearcats have to agree to the change and unless another name replacement is found, I fully expect SDSU to be on the schedule when it's released. 

--- This is a concerning conversation that SEC commish Mike Slive broached at the APSE conference. 

--- Randomness ... 

--- Game show host who waffles and leaves a nation of Jeopardy! watchers in confusion. 

Who is Alex Trebek? (See what I did there?)

--- Here's a list of 50 comedians you should know

--- 2013 is feeling more and more like the year of the beard. And women are on board. 

--- The key to a great karaoke act is to know that it's not about you, it's about the audience. Of course, if you are Peyton Manning, it's actually all about you. 

--- In honor of Peyton breaking out Johnny Cash for karaoke, how about a little Folsom Prison Blues for your day. Have a great one. 

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