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Often when writing a deeper feature, such as the one on QB Bennie Coney (you have read it, right? If not, stop right now and head over the story here or else you're missing the best part), some interesting nuggets are left on the editing room floor. Both Bennie and Darin Hinshaw were great talking about his development, so I wanted to share a few quotes I couldn't find space for in the story.

Here's the extras: 

On dealing with the frustrations of redshirting and if he had any thoughts that he made the wrong decision:

"I knew it was the right place, I prayed about it every day. I talked to my mom, my family, I prayed about it at the time. I knew it was the right place it was just a matter of when it was going to happen. With the new coaching changes I knew I had a chance now. They didn't know anything about me, so, it was an opportunity. We all got equal reps, we all got equal everything. It's up to me now."

On what those conversations with his mother were like:

"'Son, you got to stay in it, son, it's going to be tough.' She always tell me it's going to be tough I just got to be patient. She's the reason I come out here every day the way I come. Just be patient, your time will come. You don't have to rush anything."

On what happened when his Plant City HS team played Florida power Plant High, led by UGA QB Aaron Murray: 

"They tore us up."

On how comfortable he feels now at UC: 

"I'm acclimated to eveything now. This is my new home for the next four years. I'm adjusted now. I don't even like going home no more, man. I've been able to run away from all my past, everything that happened. I have been able to get out and just go far and not have to worry about running home to moms when everything goes bad. I just wanted to get out and explore things, try new things."

On working with QB coach Darin Hinshaw: 

"I feel like I've been playing well, one thing I can say about Coach Hinshaw is he's a great teacher. It's not about all yelling and all that. You mess up, he walks up to you and says, you are good, man. This is what you did. This is what you can do to get better. That is one thing that helps me out with the film study with him and all that stuff. That's one thing that has made me more comfortable out here."

On not being able to be full contact as a QB:

"I kind of wish we were live just so we could prove to the defense that any time you guys reach with your fingers that we are not sacked because we got a lot of movement going on. I just want to prove to them sometimes that we can get out when we need to."


On Coney's development and maturation: 

"With him, he's making really good decisions. He can make a lot better ones though. I want him to be perfect but he's also a redshirt freshman. When you talk about redshirt freshman you talk about them growing up. You got to grow up and he's in that process where he's grown up a lot in the last four weeks. I've seen a kid get a little bit more mature. A bad play happens and you can't get into sulking the head, body language and all that. He's getting to where now he's understanding, OK, I made a mistake, let's go to the next play. So, I'm excited about that." 

On Coney's greatest strength as a QB: 

"Him being able to move in the pocket and throw accurate balls -- that's the game. There are so many guys that can drop and go throw the ball accurately and do things with nothing around them. When all the sudden things are happening around them, to be able to step in and throw with somebody right in your face, he's completed numerous balls when there are guys right in his face and he's completed it. A huge quality to be able to move in the pocket and be able to find the playmakers. Guys that can't do that, everything has to be perfect all the time and you are sitting here just sick to your stomach. That's a great quality he has." 

 On dangers of plotting him out on a course for 2014: 

"I've been with teams where we've had to win with the fourth guy. Guys get hurt, you've seen guys get in situations where my job is to prepare whoever is playing out in that game, whether second, third, fourth guy that we are going to be able to move the offense and never miss a beat." 

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