Bearcats Breakfast 7.15.13

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Another week of dead period in the books, but fear not the first practice is around the corner. This becomes a bit of the silly season in college football as the scribes scratch and claw to manufacture storylines. Watch lists that can alter dramatically as the season unfolds, pre-rankings assured to look foolish by Week 2 and the best are the media talking about the media (I'm looking at you SEC Media Days). 

I will do my best to avoid those standard pitfalls, and maybe spend some time disproving a few of them. Of course, for UC the first practice will be Aug. 5 and we are 47 days away from the Aug. 31 opener against Purdue. So, soon we can start discussing real storylines. 

This brings me to the blog question of the day: What storyline perks your interest the most this season? 

Here's a few choices, place your vote. 

What's the most intriguing 2013 UC football storyline for you? free polls 

If you see more important storylines not listed here, shoot me an email to or hit me up on Twitter @pauldehnerjr and I'll discuss them here on the blog. 

OK, Let's eat ...

--- I'll start by discussing Sean Kilpatrick and the World University Games team. By all accounts, the team's success will go down as a disappointment. They'll play in the ninth-place game Tuesday -- not what anybody had in mind not what they expect of Team USA men's basketball at any level. 

Thumbnail image for SKUSA.jpegAfter their 92-70 victory Monday against Germany coach Bob McKillop talked about wishing his team could restart the tournament now as they begin to finally gel together. Admittedly, throwing a group of players together and expecting them to mesh quickly enough to take on many international teams that have been playing together longer can be a tough task, but with expectations this high, that's part of the deal. 

Back-to-back losses to Australia (93-84) when they held a five-point lead entering the final quarter and Canada (94-85) where they never recovered from a poor second quarter left them out of the medal round. 

The latest win did appear to be their best game of the tournament with four players reaching double figures. SK continues to play his role on the team. Occassionally contributing pockets of points while bringing energy off the bench. Monday, he rolled off five quick ones when Germany cut the lead to nine in the third quarter for a crucial stretch that helped put the game away. 

Some stats thus far for SK through seven games: 

He's averaging 17.4 minutes (7th on the team), and scoring 7.6 points and 2.0 rebounds. He's struggled from  behind the 3-point line hitting 29.7 percent (11 of 37). 

U.S. closes out the games against Finland Tuesday at 7 a.m. 

--- Popped up to the City Gear league yesterday to speak with Yancy Gates for another story I'll have coming soon, but he spoke about SK at the WUG and brought his perspective to Kilpatrick's international experience. 

"That's a good thing for him. SK loves to play ball. He could play all day, every day, every night." 

Not a bad image, expectation to be set by the leader of your program. 

--- For those who want to catch a glimpse of the our city's version of the And1 Tour (Oh, baby!), the tournament begins this week. Gates will be playing with Clovernook. The Slats team includes a number of young UC players, while Cashmere Wright and Shaq Thomas play for Jackson. (Shaq, noticeably bigger) with game-high 22 points yesterday, FWIW. 

Next game -- Slats, Wednesday 10:30 p.m., Jackson on Thursday at 9:30 p.m., followed by Clovernook Thursday at 10:30 p.m. 

--- Bill Koch did a nice job talking to all sides in the conversation about moving UC basketball downtown. A must-read for any UC hoops fan. 

The piece includes this assessment from Whit Babcock: 

"It's being talked about but it's just really early in the process. I want us to play in the best basketball facility possible. I'm hopeful that's on campus. If you make the decision to move off campus, that's a big deal. But I'm open to any proposal. For us, I don't think it hurts to listen. I don't have the answers yet on how to renovate Fifth Third Arena."

--- Tom Groeschen with an interesting read last week talking with new Australian football player Lindsay Crook, in case you missed it. Quite a story and Tommy Tuberville -- the good bloke he is -- never shy to think outside the box in recruiting. 

--- I won't delve too deeply into Watch Lists, but Greg Blair ranks among the most discussed Bearcats players. The MLB landed on two different lists, the Bronko Nagurski Trophy and Bednarik award. 

The Nagurski list is the grand prize, as it's given to the defensive player of the year by the FWAA. 

--- Randomness ... 

--- I know Bill Cosby is getting up there, but I will watch Comedy Central when they air his first comedy special in 30 years. 

--- With all the news I've heard recently, It's apparent I should never go to Brazil. 

--- You've all seen and heard of this by now, but should be repeated: So far beyond unfathomable

--- Even Mark Mallory is laughing at this first pitch by Carly Rae Jepsen. For all the pain Call Me Maybe put us all through, it serves her right. 

--- Reason number 4,584,855 to love the Internet, here's a two-hour Pearl Jam concert from Brazil this year (Enjoy the concert, without the chance of being murdered!). Have a great day everybody.

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