5 observations from Saturday's scrimmage

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After taking in the second scrimmage of the Bearcats training camp and barreling toward an opener now less than two weeks away, here are five observations of where UC stands for Purdue on Aug. 31. 

1) Greg Blair looks every bit one of the top defensive players in The American. Blair, a first-team All-Big East selection last year, lost weight this offseason. After every spring practice there would be Blair running afterward until his shirt sweated into a darker shade of black. It shows. He's moving faster and consistently broached the backfield Saturday. On one play he bolted from the middle to sniff out an RDA screen before the RB could even reach the line. He looked explosive. 

Defensive Player of the Year in the conference is not out of the question. 

2) The Bearcats need a receiver to play big. UC lacks the dominant, tall wide receiver to serve as a long target on the outside. That onus for now looks to fall on to Alex Chisum (6-3) and Chris Moore (6-1). They both recorded touchdowns Saturday with Chisum catching a 25-yard back-shoulder pass from Munchie Legaux. The reception came on tight coverage from Deven Drane. Chisum faded into a sophomore slump last year but looks invigorated as a junior. If you need to know about Chris Moore, just read this story I wrote on him last week. He caught the offense's first TD of the scrimmage Saturday beating his man deep. This team needs someone to stretch the field with RDA and Anthony McClung running underneath. Without a 6-6 speedster to track down bombs, these two appear ready to lead the way. 

3) Hosey Williams could be a threat at RB. He's only 5-9, but weighs in at 200 pounds and runs like a bowling ball, powerful and low to the ground. As the team looks for depth behind RDA, Williams could hold his own. He did a nice job picking up a blitz from Blair on Saturday before breaking the game's lone long run. He sliced through the middle of the line and broke free for a 25-yard score. He also did a nice job bouncing a run outside after being stopped up in the middle. The running backs didn't show much Saturday, but Williams looked the best. 

4) The QB battle is closer than originally thought. Those were the words of Tommy Tuberville. He's kept the QB derby open, but under the knowledge that Kay had been ahead of Munchie since midway through spring. Now, with the shoulder soreness he experienced which limited his snaps on Saturday Tuberville opened the idea that this could be pushing him to a position where they must go forward with Munchie. 

"It's going to be a lot closer than what people think," Tuberville said. "We will see what happens with Brendon, see when he can come back. But if he can't come back soon we will make Munchie our starting quarterback because we have got to start gameplanning here in a few days." 

5) Gunner Kiel to Mekale McKay looks nice for 2014. When the third-string team ran plays Saturday, transfers Kiel and McKay showed a nice connection with each other, including a touchdown pass in a red zone attempt. Kiel shows nice touch on his passes and with the 6-6 frame on the former Arkansas WR, he's the perfect target to take advantage. So much can happen between now and opening day next year, but that could be a combo to watch for the future. 

I want to hear from you! Shoot me your comments, questions and suggestions regarding UC football as they approach the opener against Purdue at pauldehnerjr@gmail.com or hit me up on Twitter @pauldehnerjr. 

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