Bearcats Breakfast 8.12.13

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The Bearcats announced Monday morning they will play the 2014 season at Paul Brown Stadium while Nippert Stadium undergoes renovations. Some logistical details still need to be worked out, but the two sides agreed to a deal to make it happen. 

No, the Bearcats didn't have many other options, but this serves as the latest example of the relationship improving between these two sides. That's not just as observation regarding this deal. There have now been a series of events where the two have done things to help out there other. 

The Bengals allowed the Bearcats to come practice down at the stadium in the spring while Marvin Lewis and Tommy Tuberville have developed a relationship. On the flip side, the Bearcats bubble has become the bad weather home of the Bengals. 

These two sides haven't always been able to work out deals or act as the best of friends, but being able to come up with a deal that works for all involved in this situation is a great sign and one that will benefit all the UC fans. The bright side of games at PBS were the easy in, easy out, comfortable experience provided by the facility. For one year, it makes for the perfect home and eases the renovation transition. 

Let's eat ...

--- The first play of the first scrimmage of the season opened up with what I believe will be a staple of this year's team. I have been talking about Brendon Kay's deep ball capabilities all offseason and he tossed a 75-yard bomb to Chris Moore to get the 2013 action going. 

Who will be the most consistent deep threat is yet to be seen, but Kay's shown a remarkable ability to drop deep passes perfectly.

Eddie Gran had this to say about Kay taking ownership of the team: 

"He's done a great job. He takes it personal and everything he does is about this team. I think the good part is that all the quarterbacks have done that. They are all leading in their own way. It's been neat to see and they are all competing. That's really good especially at that position. If you don't have that you don't have a chance."

--- Speaking of competition at QB, continue to keep an eye on Bennie Coney, who threw four touchdowns working with the third team. 

--- Dan Hoard talks about new JuCo running backs Rod Moore and Hosey Williams. Their presence goes to explain why you can expect a deeper rotation of backs as the season begins which I talked about in this post last week. 

--- Randomness ...

--- Are you a Homeland watcher? Here's the trailer for the new season

--- Detroit Lions new kicker learned a lot of his English from Wu-Tang. True. I think we all learned new words from Wu-Tang. 

--- Which only leads us to a little Wu-Tang Monday. Have a great one. 

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