Moore Receptions?

Written by Scott Springer

Like every University of Cincinnati Bearcat, Chris Moore was affected by the injury to quarterback Munchie Legaux in the road game at Illinois.

We'll never know what might have been had Legaux's third quarter touchdown been allowed to stand.
  At 21-17, it clearly would've been a momentum changer. Instead, the game went from a four-point deficit to 18 points as the Illini were able to march down 99 yards to further their lead.

Then, there was the injury and we all know what happened from there.

For any of you that were in Memphis for the Conference USA basketball tournament when Kenyon Martin broke his leg (I was and remember it like it was yesterday) the Legaux injury had a similar effect.
  Though the Bearcats were the better team, they couldn't regroup quick enough to stop the opposition.

There's no bright side to what happened.
  However, there are some things to learn from and some points to consider.

Now at quarterback is Brendon Kay.

A year ago, Kay was the No. 2, which meant he took practice reps with the No. 2 receivers.
  One of those was Chris Moore.

The camaraderie and chemistry that came out of that, resulted in a 65-yard touchdown against Temple last year.
  In the opener against Purdue, Kay and Moore also went long for 51 yards, the longest reception of the season.

Chris Moore runs the best deep route on the team and has a connection to Kay that can't always be explained other than you don't mess with what works.

It's kind of like the pitcher that is lights out with a certain catcher and so-so with anyone else.
  Kay to Moore is special and you shouldn't be shocked to see more of that sometime soon.

As always, after the Coach Tuberville luncheon (featuring City BBQ and including a delightful peach cobber ordered by newly reinstated Ryan Koslen) I hung out in the hall to snare an interview.

The product of my lurking this week is Mr. Moore, the pride of Jefferson High in Tampa.
  As it turns out, one of his high school teammates is a Northwestern State Demon.

Here's No. 15: