Two Minutes with Troy

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I'm not sure where Midlothian, Virginia is, but anyone from there likely marveled at Troy Caupain at Cosby High School.

I'm also not sure what Cosby High's nickname is.  It probably should be "Kids".  Whatever it is, I'm sure Caupain did it proud as he not only scored 26 points per game, but also averaged an astounding 15 rebounds from his 6-foot-3 frame.

He once hit for 48 in high school and plays with the confidence of someone who wants the ball when a bucket is needed.  Thus far, his UC high is 15 points.  With three years remaining, there's no question he'll surpass that figure easily.

With a large amount of Bearcat memorabilia around my various workplaces,my family noticed a few months ago that Caupain bore a slight resemblance to former Bearcat great Danny Fortson. 

As my wife would say, "He's a babyface!"

At 18-years-old, Caupain might not appreciate the reference, but at some point he will.  If UC were to get a portion of Fortson's production out of No. 10, fans should be pretty satisfied.  It's also encouraging to think of the future backcourt of Caupain, Johnson and Deshaun Morman, based on what we've seen thus far.

This is "Two Minutes With Troy" from UC's practice gym in the Lindner Center.

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