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In an effort to prevent amateurism and extra benefit NCAA violations at the University of Cincinnati, the compliance staff monitors the interaction of agents/financial planners and student-athletes through a proactive registration process. Agents seeking to represent UC student-athletes in their future professional activities must apply for registration with the Compliance office.

It is our policy that NO personal contact is made by an agent or agent's representative during the athlete's playing season. However, we will be glad to forward any written materials on your behalf. At the conclusion of the playing season, please inform Trever Wright before the first contact is made with a student-athlete who has eligibility remaining in any sport and is enrolled at the University of Cincinnati.

When the Compliance Office receives the registration information, the University of Cincinnati Professional Sports Counseling Panel (UCPSCP) develops a file that houses all of the agent's information. The student-athletes can view these files at any time for the purpose of getting preliminary information about the agent, such as a list of the agent's current clients. After the first year that an agent registers with the UCPSCP, the agent only has to complete a short registration update each year to ensure that the UCPSCP has current information.

The Compliance office includes the parents of the student-athletes in the agent education process. A packet of information is sent to parents that includes an explanation of the NCAA guidelines on conduct with agents, an excerpt from the book An Athlete's Guide to Agents, information from the NFL Players Association, and a list of all agents that are currently registered with the UCPSCS. This packet of information helps to minimize the possibility of inadvertent NCAA violations and educate the parents about the services of agents.

Thank you for your interest in UC Athletics!

Rules Education

Ohio Agent Law
NCAA Agent/Student Athlete Brochure
NCAA Bylaws
Parents' Information Packet 
NBA Educational Document
NFL Educational Document
WNBA Educational Document
Track & Field Educational Document
MLB Educational Document 

Ohio Agent Registration
Ohio Athletic Commission Website
OAC Registration Packet

For information about registering with the State of Ohio, contact:

Ohio Athletic Commission
245 Federal Plaza West, Suite 405
Youngstown, OH 44503
Phone: (330) 797-2556

UC Agent Registration
Agent Registration Form

For questions related to agents and amateurism, contact Trever Wright, Assistant AD/Compliance, at (513) 556-0557 or