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Are you a Booster?

You are a Booster or a Representative of Athletics Interest of Cincinnati if you:

  • Are participating or have ever participated in a organization that promotes the Cincinnati athletics program;
  • Are of have ever been a member of a booster organization that supports Cincinnati Athletics;
  • Have made financial contributions to the UC athletics department or the UC booster organization;
  • Are or have ever been involved with the recruitment of a prospect;
  • Have provided or are providing benefits to an enrolled student-athlete or their relatives or friends;
  • Have otherwise been involved in promoting the University of Cincinnati's athletics program (e.g., alumni and friends)
  • Provided or have helped to arrange employment for student-athletes;
  • Are the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of an enrolled student-athlete;
  • Are or ever have been a season ticket holder.

Some examples of boosters are: fans, UCATS members, undergraduate students, graduate students, all university faculty, staff or employees, and university alumni. (This is not an exhaustive list.)

Once a Booster ... Always a Booster. According to the NCAA, once an individual has been identified as a booster, he or she retains this identity forever.

Is it possible to be become a booster without doing anything listed above?
Yes. The NCAA has developed a four-part test to determine whether or not an individual has become a booster and/or provided a student-athlete, their relatives or friends with an impermissible benefit. If any of the following statements are true then providing benefits to prospects or student-athletes, their relatives and friends can result in the student-athlete being rendered ineligible and cause the individual providing the benefit to be classified as a booster:
1. The relationship between the student-athlete (or parents of the student-athlete) and the individual providing the benefits developed as a result of the student-athlete's participation in athletics or their reputation as an athlete; or
2. The relationship began only after the athlete became a prospect; or 
3. The relationship began only after the athlete had achieved notoriety due to his or her athletic ability or reputation; or 
4. The pattern of giving and/or frequency of giving increased after the athlete attained notoriety as a skilled athlete (e.g., purchased small gifts in the past and now purchase a television or other large gift).

Consequences to Boosters for NCAA Violations

Under NCAA rules, the University of Cincinnati is responsible for all actions of its boosters. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to make you aware of consequences for violating the rules described within this Website. Boosters found in violation of NCAA rules are subject to losing benefits and privileges. The NCAA Committee on Infractions has processed cases in which penalties have included both the disassociation of boosters with the institution and the loss of season ticket privileges. Boosters' failure to abide by the rules could also result in penalties being imposed upon a prospect, enrolled student-athlete, coach, institutional staff member, and the institution. These penalties include ceasing recruitment of a prospect, loss of eligibility, forfeiture of competitions and championships, institutional fines, reduction in scholarship numbers, or prohibition from post-season competition.