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  • Phone Logs:due to Brian on the 1st of the month (e.g. August phone logs due September 1st)
    • Scoutware users: we must have your signed memo on file for you to be excused from turning in paper logs every month
    • If no calls were made during the month, you will be asked to confirm
  • Travel Rosters: due to Brandon at least 24 hours before EVERY competition (home AND away)
  • Participation Rosters: due to Brian within 48 hours after competition
  • Practice Logs: due to Brian every week
  • Contact/Eval sheets:included with travel expense reports
    • If you are not turning in an expense report, you are still responsible for turning in a Contact/Eval sheet upon your return from recruiting
  • Visit Itineraries:due to Brandon before the visit occurs
    • For all unofficial visits, you must notify our office and submit an itinerary. If it is an unannounced visit, you must submit notification and an itinerary as soon as the visit is completed
    • For all official visits, you must submit the itinerary before the PSA arrives on campus and it must be approved by our office. A final itinerary must be submitted with the official visit paperwork after the visit
  • Pre - Official Visit Paperwork:due to Niki a week before the visit. Paperwork includes:
    • GPA form
    • Academic Evaluation
    • Itinerary form
    • Travel Authorization - TAs will not be signed off on until all requirements for the visit are met
  • Post - Official Visit Paperwork:due to Brandon within one week after the visit. Paperwork includes:
    • Expense Report
    • Finalized itinerary
    • Student Host Receipt
    • Official Visit of Prospective Student-Athlete
    • Official Visit Meal Reimbursement
  • NLI Paperwork: submittal forms due to Brandon no later than a week before initial signing date
  • Financial Aid Paperwork:due to Brandon
    • GIA Renewal/Non-renewal: due May 3, 2010
    • Summer Aid form: due mid-March
    • 5th Year Aid form: due June 1st