To: Coaches

From: Caitlin Stoffer

Re: Scoutware and phone logs

Date: 8/27/2009

Please indicate below whether or not you use Scoutware to log ALL of your recruiting phone calls. This includes all calls made with an office phone, home phone, cell phone, or any other phone. If you use Scoutware, you will not need to turn in paper copies of your phone logs.

By signing this form, you agree to allow the Compliance office to access your Scoutware website and determine if your phone calls meet NCAA requirements. You will be asked to confirm your activity for any months that Scoutware indicates no calls were made.

YES I use Scoutware to log ALL of my recruiting phone calls and agree to allow the Compliance office to access my Scoutware phone logs to determine compliance with NCAA rules. I will not be turning in hard copies of my phone logs.

NO I do not use Scoutware and will continue to turn in my monthly phone logs by hard copy.

If your situation changes, please contact the Compliance Office as soon as possible so we can keep our records updated and be sure that all necessary information is being turned in and reviewed.

Please give your name and date below, indicating you have read and understood this form and return it to the compliance office. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me.