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The primary purpose for a student-athlete to attend the University of Cincinnati is to acquire a meaningful education and to achieve an undergraduate degree. The University of Cincinnati provides to the student-athlete a program that adheres to the NCAA Principles for the Conduct of Intercollegiate Athletics with special emphasis on the Principles of Student-Athlete Welfare and the Principles of Sound Academic Standards. The athletically related time demands placed upon the student-athlete are regulated by the Athletic Department so as to ensure a well-rounded student experience.

Although education must be primary, the student-athlete at UC enjoys unique opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom through participation in intercollegiate athletic competition at the highest level. In order to participate it is expected that each student-athlete will conduct himself/herself, on and off the court or playing field, in a manner consistent with NCAA sportsmanship and ethical conduct standards, as well as acceptable standards of behavior established by the university and athletic department. Student-Athletes' adherence to these standards is not only expected, but demanded, and consequences and sanctions for behavior detrimental to the University and Athletic Department are nonnegotiable. This includes unauthorized use and abuse of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics, assault, harassment, destruction of property, and disturbing the peace.

It is the responsibility of the University of Cincinnati to ensure that the student-athlete is able to realistically pursue both of these learning tracks and maximize his/her return from both. In fulfilling this responsibility, the University will strive to ensure that the student-athlete will be integrated into the student body and able to access the same collegiate experience as other students.

The student-athlete will be admitted and retained under the University's normal admission and retention policies, consistent with the institution's goals in achieving a diversified student body. The student-athlete shall neither receive special advantages nor benefits not available to other students nor be subjected to discriminatory requirements or policies. Likewise, the student-athlete must adhere to University and Athletic Department academic policies and academic misconduct will carry serious sanctions. In contrast to this philosophy, it is incumbent upon the Athletic Department and University to treat the student-athlete unlike other students in the area of academic and student services. Because of the abnormal time demands upon the student-athlete, special programs of academic support, tutoring, counseling and mentoring must be provided to each student-athlete who needs or requests such assistance.

With this philosophy in place, we feel strongly that the student-athlete experience at UC will be an enriching one not only athletically, but also academically and socially.

UC Right to Know Information

Safe Zone Trained Staff
A Safe Zone Ally is someone with information, sensitivity, and understanding towards members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) community, their issues, and concerns. Safe Zone stickers, identified by a Pink Triangle and a statement of support, are posted on office doors of staff who are supportive and safe for LGBTQ students. When someone displays the Safe Zone sticker, this means that she/he is an Ally who has participated in Safe Zone training, signed the Safe Zone Ally's Contract and is committed to providing a safe place in which to discuss LGBTQ concerns and issues. Safe Zone Allies in the athletic department include Maggie McKinley - Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance, 556-3559 and Chris Stone - Academic Advisor, 556-1202.

Hazing Policy
 This policy will be discussed at all sports check-in meetings at the beginning of the year. If you have questions about it, talk to the compliance office or view the policy by clicking on the following link: UC Hazing Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy
 UC is committed to professional and academic environments free of illegal discrimination. Illegal discrimination, including sexual harassment, will not be tolerated. It is the policy of UC that no member of the University community may sexually harass another. Anyone who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action which may include suspension or termination. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment. For more information visit the UC Sexual Harassment page.