Indoor Practice Facility

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Updated 3/17/2010

    1. How is the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex project associated with the University's overarching $1 Billion Proudly Cincinnati capital campaign? Will funds generated for the university's capital campaign be directed to the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex?

    The Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex is an approved initiative of the $1 billion Proudly Cincinnati comprehensive capital campaign. The vast majority of gifts received under the Proudly Cincinnati umbrella are designated for a specific purpose to a particular school or unit. In every instance, donor intent will be honored leaving the Department of Athletics and the UC Foundation responsible for raising funds for the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex.

    2. Is the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex the permanent name for the planned facility?

    It is our hope that Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex is a tentative name for the project. We are actively seeking a naming rights gift for the project. The University has some fairly rigid criteria that must be met in order to name a facility on campus.

    3. What payment methods can be used to donate to the project?

    Flexible payment methods and terms can be tailored by contacting the UCATS office (1-877-55-UCATS). Unfortunately, our online system is not yet equipped to process specialized payments terms. Gifts can be made by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, stocks, and transferred securities. You can also set up automated deductions on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis by contacting the UCATS Office.

    4. If I would like to set-up a payment plan, what kind of terms can I establish?

    According to university guidelines all gifts made toward a capital project must be paid in full within a five-year period of when construction is complete. Gifts and pledges made toward the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex can be paid over a five-year period. Where possible, donors are encouraged to frontload their gifts as this will greatly reduce finance costs.

    5. Does every dollar donated go directly to the practice facility?

    Yes. As with every non-endowed gift to UC Athletics, 100% of a donor's gift is used for the purpose for which it was solicited.

    6. I am a UCATS member, how does a donation to the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex impact my annual donation?

    Gifts to the practice facility are above and beyond the tier requirement associated with your priority seating for football and men's basketball. All gifts associated with priority seating are directed to the UCATS annual funds which are used to fund UC Athletics' annual scholarship expense. While gifts to the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex do not count towards your annual tier requirement, you do accrue additional priority points based on your gift. For more detailed information regarding the UCATS priority point structure, please click here.

    7. What is the Sheakley Match?

    UC Athletics benefactor Larry Sheakley, CEO of The Sheakley Group, initially issued a $1 million matching-gift challenge to the Greater Cincinnati community in an effort to raise the necessary funds while growing the donor base. This match was met in impressive fashion, as the University of Cincinnati base of support responded to the challenge in just over a weeks time. On October 6, UCATS and UC Athletics announced that Mr. Sheakley was raising the bar once again, extending his match an additional $1.5 million for a total personal commitment of $2.5 million for the project. 

    8. Early estimates for the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex showed the project to have an estimated cost of $9 million. The latest release shows the estimated cost to be $15.5 million. Why has the projected cost increased in recent months?

    Early estimates where just that - estimates. As plans have been refined and the scope of the project expanded to maximize functionality certain elements have been added. These amenities include a seating area, press box, training space, locker rooms, concessions, restrooms, and a scoreboard.

    9. Will I receive any form of recognition for donating to the practice facility project?

    It is important to UC Athletics to recognize the private support of individuals that make such capital campaigns possible. Again, every penny of every dollar donated to this project goes directly to the practice facilities. Alternative recognition programs (ex: brick campaign) can carry associated expenses that hinder the ability to truly meet the financial demands of a project of this magnitude. The goal of UC Athletics is to satisfy donor intent and maximize dollars designated to the construction of the facility. The generosity of Bearcats fans and the Greater Cincinnati Community will not go unnoticed, and alternative forms of recognition will be provided.

    10. How will the construction of the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex affect parking for athletic events?

    The location of the practice facility will result in the removal of the popular Corry and Sander surface parking lots adjacent to Jefferson Avenue. As a result, approximately 195 spaces will be removed from the University's Parking Services inventory. For the 2009-10 Men's Basketball season Parking Services has increased the number of spaces allocated to Athletics in each of the Corry Boulevard garages (Corry and Calhoun garages respectively) to compensate for the loss of the surface lot parking. Additional spaces will be added to the Athletics inventory for the 2010 football season as well, with additional permit parking available in the Clifton Court and University Avenue garages. Tailgating alternatives continue to be discussed, however stringent criteria must be met for lots to be identified as viable tailgating options (i.e. availability, close proximity to stadium, permittance of grilling and alcohol consumption, and a controllable perimeter).

    Any questions regarding the Jefferson Avenue Sports Complex should be directed to the UCATS office via email at ucats@uc.edu or call 1-877-55-UCATS.