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    Ticket Policies

    Payment for Tickets

    • The UC Athletics Ticket Office accepts cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).

    Address Changes

    • All address changes must be submitted in writing to the UC Athletics Ticket Office and can be sent via mail or email to The University of Cincinnati will not be responsible for mail not received or returned due to an incorrect address.

    Lost/Misplaced Tickets

    • Lost or misplaced tickets may be reissued at the discretion of the ticket office. The UC Athletics Ticket Office will only replace tickets for the purchaser/season ticket holder.

    Refunds & Exchanges

    • There is a no Refund and no Exchange policy on all tickets.

    Stadium Entry & Re-Entry

    • The University of Cincinnati mandates that once admitted to the stadium, no ticket holder shall be permitted to leave and re-enter the facility on that ticket. In the event of inclement weather, home-team game management reserves the right to waive this policy.


    • All persons, excluding children three years of age and under who do not require a seat, must have a ticket for admission to the stadium.

    Ticket Scanning

    • All tickets will be electronically scanned to verify authenticity. Patrons assume all risks for tickets purchased through sources other than the UC Athletics Ticket Office.