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    Student Tickets

    2012 Football Student Ticket Breakdown

    TOTAL 5,884 GENERAL ADMISSION SEATS (sections 111-115)





    General Admission Student Season Ticket - $60 each

    • Convenience, you do not have to wait in line for each game
    • Guaranteed ticket for all 2012 home games in the student section
    • 25 UCATS points that become active after graduation

    *If student is not enrolled three weeks prior to the first home game, tickets will not be mailed (until student is enrolled). NO REFUNDS!

    *Students with on campus mailing address, such as dorms, and students with high settings for their FERPA codes, your students season tickets will REMAIN in the ticket office until their are picked up

    *For questions about FERPA or to check your FERPA settings, please click here.

    April 1 - April 20 - Renewals

    May 1- NEW Student Season Ticket Orders


    Guest Season Tickets at $140 each

    *Limit of two student guest season tickets per person

    *Seating for Student Guest Season Tickets are located in the student section; seating is general admission

    *UC Athletics has the right to evaluate/increase the number of guest tickets based on ticket demand

    April 1 - April 20 - Renewals

    May 1- NEW Student Season Ticket Orders


    Free student tickets (online and walk up).

    *Those that order online will be assessed a $1.50 processing fee per ticket.

    10 days prior to game




    RallyCats is UC's student-support group. For more information, click HERE.