Bearcats Breakfast 1.15.13

Jan. 15, 2013

Today, I bring ye good news.

After a long, arduous battle that I thought might end up being my personal fiscal cliff fiasco, I finally overcome a painstaking battle to completion.

The Inside the Bearcats Podcast is now officially on iTunes. Through multiple road blocks, reformatting, feed analyzing, email explanations, category creating, applying tags and likely incorrect use of IT words far out of my pay grade, it finally happened this week. It's been the most continuous request since I started doing the pod way back, now everyone can go to iTunes, subscribe and the new episodes will show up in your iTunes account automatically as soon as I record a new one. You, of course, can listen to all of them right there without needing to stream from the web page which I know gave many of you trouble. (huge h/t to old Moeller buddy and podcaster extraordinaire Nick Seuberling, who helped make this happen when I was about to meltdown in frustration)

You can subscribe by following this link here, then just hit the open in iTunes button and subscribe there.

I'll let the readership react accordingly. That includes you, Van Der Beek.



This should hopefully make the listening process much easier for everyone and also make you immediately aware of the new posts without having to constantly check to the site and scroll. Now, the pod comes to you. Happy day. I'd like to apologize to all my family and friends who didn't see or hear much from me during this all-consuming ordeal. I can now move on with my life.

Let's eat ...

--- UC hoops at DePaul (10-6, 1-2) tonight at 8:30 p.m. The game is on FoxSports Ohio/Big East Network/ESPN3 with Lou Cannelis and hometown girl Brooke Weisbrod on the call. Then on 700WLW with Dan and Chuck.

The Blue Demons haven't played in a week and we last saw them being stomped out at UConn, 99-78.

Their only two quasi-quality wins this year against teams ranked in KenPom's top 100 were at Arizona State (84) and at Providence (66). They've also endured some bad losses, including Western Kentucky (177), Gardner-Webb (170) and Loyola Chicago (155).

This could be a chance for the UC offense to pour on some points. DePaul leads the nation in tempo, as far as possessions per game. Against the KP top 150 opponents the Blue Demons faced this year they've given up an average of 77 points per game. Much of that comes from the breakneck pace creating shootouts.

UC came into the year desiring to play that pace, so they shouldn't have a problem jumping into the style with DePaul. The Bearcats certainly shouldn't have a problem ditching halfcourt sets for transition sprints considering the inconsistency with the grinding offense. In that respect, this appears to be a good matchup for UC.

--- Stopping DePaul revolves around slowing 6-4 G Brandon Young (17.3 ppg) and 6-8 F Cleveland Melvin (16.8 ppg). Do that and the Bearcats should cruise. Those two players take 42 percent of the Demons shots. Young posted 35 points against UConn, so he can fill it up in a hurry. I'd expect Sean Kilpatrick to draw the assignment and be asked to do the same job he did on Eli Carter of Rutgers (1 of 11 shooting).

--- Great look at Cashmere Wright from Bill Koch. All season I've viewed him as the most important player on the floor for the Bearcats and documented how well he's taken care of the ball of late here yesterday.

Quote from Mick in Bill's story on Cash:

"He's playing with more strength in his game. He's learned how to use his speed and quickness where before he really struggled. He'd go to the basket at such a high rate of speed that he missed a ton of layups early in his career. We've worked on him being in control as he goes to the basket. It's helped him to become a better scorer."

--- UC dropped out of the AP Top 25 yesterday. People tend to get so caught up in rankings. And that's fine, it's the most accepted method of categorizing teams out there. Rankings at this point in the season mean so little. One hot week and UC will surge back into the teens. And even if that happens, it won't mean much.

Everybody has an opinion on ratings some are number-based, some eye-test. Here's where UC stands in the different polls: 

Take your pick and tell what difference using AP vs. RPI vs. Sagarin vs. KenPom makes come March. All of it floats around in the pot as the committee creates the S-Curve.

--- Lance McAlister spoke with Tommy Tuberville during SportsTalk last night on 700WLW. They hit on a variety of topics, including the scrutiny he's come under of late. Good to hear from the coach. Worth a listen.

--- Travis Kelce was given the trophy as top tight end in the country by the College Football Performance Awards. On top of his Senior Bowl appearance coming up and rising NFL stock it's an exciting time for UC senior.

--- Andrea Adelson thinks Greg Blair could be the Big East Defensive Player of the Year in 2013. She also called UC-Louisville the best Big East game of the year. I'd agree with both premises.

--- Some randomness ...

--- You got to have some serious Musburgers to break out another questionable line one week after the Katherine Webb incident.

--- While everyone in baseball will rejoice, I can only say I'm saddened to hear MLB will no longer allow the fake to third, throw to first pickoff move. There was nothing better during a Reds broadcast than Marty Brennaman feigning surprise and ripping on the pitcher after every time it was attempted.

--- Genius felines! I'm taking this cat to the streets. There are some shady alleys I need him to accompany me to.

--- I like the new Tiger Woods-Rory McIlroy ad. More enjoy the concept of building this rivalry into something real. Of course, that means Tiger might actually have to beat Rory at some point.

--- Jason Bateman talking about Arrested Development and promising a more pathetic Michael Bluth. I can't think of a better concept.

--- Caught wind of this new song by Macklemore called Thrift Shop. Count me as a fan.

Have a great day everybody. Email me ( any questions, comments or video of the dance you did when you learned ITBPodcast is now on iTunes. Or chat with me on Twitter @pauldehnerjr.