An Important Message for Bearcats Fans

July 31, 2006

In this day and age, it is necessary to be aware of how technology can inadvertently lead to a violation of NCAA rules. Something that you think is helpful and think is just simply being supportive can result in your school facing the prospect of an NCAA penalty.

Recently a major Division I school made a self-report to the NCAA of a possible secondary rules violation. That university discovered that some of its fans were putting messages on web pages of prospective student-athletes. Though unintended, the overzealous nature of the fans' actions could ultimately have a negative impact on their school's ability to continue to recruit these student-athletes.

Posting something on a recruit's personal website, such as or, is no different in the NCAA's eyes as making telephone calls to recruits or having face-to-face contact with them to encourage their interest in your university. Fans and supporters, as representatives of the university, are not permitted to make these types of contacts.

The NCAA is aware of the growth of web pages by prospective student-athletes and considers making posts on these sites to be violations. Other institutions have reported this as a violation. Here at the University of Cincinnati our goal is to not to have a similar violation impede our recruiting process and the great work being done in this area by our coaches and staff.

We appreciate your support and encouragement of Bearcats Athletics. However, we ask that you continue to refrain from actions that might jeopardize the eligibility of our prospective student-athletes.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter. If you have any questions, please contact Maggie McKinley in our office of Compliance & Student Services at 513-556-3559.

Thanks for your continued support!