Speak Out!: Take UC's Online Merchandising Survey

Aug. 11, 2009

Click here to take the survey

Is it hard for you to find Bearcats Gear that you want to purchase? Are you tired of seeing scarlet and gray, or blue and white items around town? Well, Bearcat is listening and ready to help give voice to fans who want to show their University of Cincinnati pride! Tell us about the UC-related merchandise you would like to see, and where you’d like to shop for it by going to gobearcats.com and clicking on the Bearcat is Listening link and completing the short survey.

We'll take your feedback and work with licensees and retailers to carry the fan gear you want. Let’s all come together and let retailers know what fans across Bearcats country want. The more fans that speak out the more retailers will know how committed we are and they’ll want to start carrying more UC gear. Now’s the time to let retailers hear your voice, so join Bearcat by logging-on and speaking-out! GO BEARCATS!