Julia Guilfoyle
Julia  Guilfoyle

Coordinator/Student-Athlete Support Services

Julia Guilfoyle joined the University of Cincinnati's athletics staff in 2009 after spending one year with UC's School of Education, as well as Student Life and Leadership Development. She started working in athletics as the assistant to the senior woman administrator and coordinator for special programs and events. Currently, Guilfoyle serves as one of two coordinators in the Office of Student-Athlete Support Services.

In her present role, Guilfoyle is responsible for the overall management of the SASS office, including oversight of nine of the office's 10 practicum students. She handles daily technology and reporting needs, timekeeping for tutors, student workers and hourly staff, as well as all payment and budget requisitions. Guilfoyle also oversees the purchasing and distribution of textbooks for all student-athletes who receive book scholarships.

From 1998-2004 Guilfoyle was involved in numerous educational activities. A longtime volunteer at the elementary school level, she served as a chaperone, library and teachers' aide, room mother and assisted the school psychologist with kindergarten screening. During this time she also developed and launched extensive fund raising programs and was honored with the 2003-2004 Southwest Local School District Friend of Education Award, which was given to her by Miamitown (Ohio) Elementary.

An avid sports fan and former student-athlete, Guilfoyle and her husband, Greg, have one son, Cameron.