Athletics Advisory Council

The Athletics Advisory Council meets quarterly during the academic year.

  • To enhance the role of athletics at the University and to serve in an advisory capacity to the President and Director of Athletics on the balance between academics and athletics at The University of Cincinnati.
  • The Athletics Advisory Council advises the president and athletics director on all matters relating to intercollegiate athletics to insure the alignment of intercollegiate athletics with the values and goals of the University of Cincinnati. Specific responsibilities include:
  • To promote an understanding of intercollegiate athletics among all members of the university community.
  • To foster a clear commitment to academic integrity within the athletic program.
  • To ensure the commitment to the student athlete in all athletic activities.
  • To provide counsel to the president, Board of Trustees, director of athletics and Faculty Senate concerning matters of athletic policy and strategy formation, fiscal and facilities planning, educational programming, staff development and athletic scheduling.
  • To provide counsel to the faculty athletics' representative.
  • To provide a communication link between athletics and the faculty (including Faculty Senate), the trustees and the broader university community.

Athletics Advisory Council Roster

Nathan Anderson, SAAC President/Swimming
Christina Beer, Student Body President
Mike Bohn, Director of Athletics
Robert Brinkmeyer - Assistant Professor, School of Human Services
Jeffrey Camm - Professor of Quantitative Analysis, Head of Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems
John Courter - UCATS Board of Director                      
Gisela Escoe - Vice Provost for Assessment and Student Learning
Tracy Herrmann, Radiologic Technology professor/Faculty Senate
Ben Hofstetter, Special Assistant for Digital Media, Office of the President
Reuven Katz - Board of Trustees, Officer & Trustees Emeriti
Joe Luckey - Sr. Associate AD/Student-Athlete Support Services
Debra Merchant, Vice President for Student Affairs
Maggie McKinley, Senior Associate AD/SWA
Caroline Miller - Sr. Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
David Szymanski - Faculty Athletics Representatives
Anita Todd -  Assistant Professor, Professional Practice