An important aspect of the excitement and pageantry of the University of Cincinnati is the UC Dance Team. Along with performing at all home football & basketball games, the team can be seen performing at several community events and working local fundraisers around the city of Cincinnati. Consisting of 32 members that make up both the Red and the Black teams, they average a 3.4 cumulative GPA. This dedicated group of individuals provides more than just entertainment. Like all Bearcats athletics teams, the Dance Team has brought national recognition to the University.

    Holding four National Champion Titles and five Gold Medals/World Titles has placed the UC Dance Team among the nation's elite. In 2009 the team was selected to represent our country as Team USA in the first ICU World Championship. The team was chosen to represent the US again in 2011. This year the team returned from the UDA College National Championship with a 3rd place finish in the Division 1A Hip-Hop category and 3rd in the Division 1A Pom Category. The UC Dance Team was one of three teams who ranked in the top three in both categories in 2012.

    For the 2012-2013 year, Kelsey Hamada enters her 2nd year as the University of Cincinnati Dance Team head coach. She was a member of the team from 2006-2011. Jennifer Bernier will enter her 2nd year as an assistant coach and was a member of the dance team from 2004-2009. Julia Lamey will 3rd year as the Red team coach. Julia was a member of the dance team from 2003-2008.


    National Rankings 
    National rankings earned by the UC dance team in national competition.

    Year Ranking
     2012 3rd in Hip-Hop
    3rd in Pm
    2011 (Team USA) 1st in Hip-Hop
    1st in Pom
    2011 2nd in Hip-Hop
    2nd in Pom
    2010 3rd in Hip-Hop
    4th in Dance
    2009 (Team USA) Gold/1st in Hip-Hop
    Gold/1st in Pom (freestlye)
    Gold/1st in Jazz
    2009 1st in Hip-Hop
    4th in Dance
    2008 2nd in Hip-Hop
    5th in Dance
    2007 2nd in Hip-Hop
    2nd in Dance
    2006 1st in Hip-Hop
    6th in Dance
    2005 1st in Hip-Hop
    4th in Dance
    2004 *first year of
    Hip-Hop category
    1st in Hip-Hop
    6th in Dance
    2003 8th Dance
    2002 16th Dance
    2001 13th Dance
    2000 13th Dance
    1999 7th Dance
    1997 5th Dance
    1996 6th Dance
    1995 14th Dance
    1994 6th Dance
    1991 10th Dance