Cincinnati Places 185 Student-Athletes on 2008-09 BIG EAST All-Academic Team
Cincinnati Placed 185 Student-Athletes on 2008-09 BIG EAST All-Academic Team

July 30, 2009

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The BIG EAST Conference announced today that more than 2,600 student-athletes have been named to the 2008-09 BIG EAST All-Academic Team, an increase of 195 student-athletes from 2007-08. Among the 2,662 student-athletes that were named to the BIG EAST All-Academic Team, 185 were University of Cincinnati student-athletes.

Nominations for the All-Academic teams are submitted by each of the BIG EAST's 16 member institutions. To be eligible for the honor, a nominee must have competed in a BIG EAST-sponsored sport, earned a varsity letter, attained a minimum grade-point average of 3.00 for the preceding academic year, and completed a minimum of two consecutive semesters or three consecutive quarters of academic work, with a total of 18 semester or 27 quarter credits, not including remedial courses.

The nominations are reviewed and approved by the BIG EAST Academic Affairs Committee.



Below is Cincinnati's 2008-09 BIG EAST All-Academic Team recipients:

Brian Garman        Baseball                                Criminal Justice                Jr.

Jake Geglein          Baseball                                Finance                          Sr.

Kevin Johnson        Baseball                                Sports Administration        Jr.

Kiley Jones            Baseball                                Sports Administration        Fr.

Chris Peters          Baseball                                Marketing                       So.

Justin Riddell          Baseball                                Entrepreneurship             So.

Brian Sand            Baseball                                Accounting                      Jr.

Billy Welsh            Baseball                                Communications              Sr.

Brad Babiak          Men's Cross Country                Operations Management    Sr.

David Berry           Men's Cross Country                Classical Civil.                  So.

Brian Berling          Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Secondary Education           Jr.

Kyle Dragan          Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Finance         Sr.

Eric Finan              Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Mechanical Engineering        Jr.

William Keckeis      Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Construction Management    Sr.

Richard King          Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Biomedical Engineering        Sr.

Richard Lupp         Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Marketing      So.

Scott Mindel          Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Aerospace Engineering        Sr.

Tommy Morgan      Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                                 Chemical Engineering          Jr.

Ryan Cahill            Men's Golf                             Economics                      Jr.

Kurt Harris            Men's Golf                             Real Estate                     Fr.

Jarryd Lentz          Men's Golf                             Health Promotions            So.

Louis Albert           Men's Soccer                          Mechanical Engineering      Jr.

Matthew Bahner     Men's Soccer                          Material Engineering         So.

Tristram Barnard    Men's Soccer                          Civil Engineering               So.

Kashmar Briscoe    Men's Soccer                          Psychology                     Fr.

Colby Catlett          Men's Soccer                          Accounting                      Fr.

Francesco Furio     Men's Soccer                          Business Administration     Fr.

Luke Henke           Men's Soccer                          Accounting                      Jr.

Samuel Klosterman                                            Men's Soccer                  Health Sciences        Fr.

Mark Knoitsch        Men's Soccer                          Early Childhood Education So.

Brandon Stelmak    Men's Soccer                          Operations Management    So.

Peter Steve           Men's Soccer                          History                           Fr.

Darren Weber        Men's Soccer                          Business Administration     Fr.

Nicholas Weightman                                           Men's Soccer                  Exploratory    So.

Jakub Carda          Men's Swimming & Diving         Information Systems        Sr.

Stephen Cunningham                                          Men's Swimming & Diving Environmental Studies         So.

Matt Hargrove       Men's Swimming & Diving         Accounting                      Fr.

Timothy Kasberg    Men's Swimming & Diving         Mechanical Engineering      Sr.

Nate Kramer         Men's Swimming & Diving         Accounting                      So.

Rob Langford         Men's Swimming & Diving         Accounting                      Sr.

Brad Metzler          Men's Swimming & Diving         Finance                          Jr.

Nick Saul              Men's Swimming & Diving         Electronic Media               Jr.

Josh Schneider       Men's Swimming & Diving         Finance                          Jr.

Mark Talma           Men's Swimming & Diving         Architecture                    Sr.

Britton Van Dissel   Men's Swimming & Diving         Marketing                       Jr.

Ryan Weitzel         Men's Swimming & Diving         Biomedical Engineering      Jr.

Logan White          Men's Swimming & Diving         Biomedical Engineering      Sr.

Ryan Beltz            Men's Track & Field                 Chemical Engineering        Sr.

Samuel Benjamin   Men's Track & Field                 Psychology                     So.

Jason Berling         Men's Track & Field                 Criminal Justice                Jr.

Kyle Borton           Men's Track & Field                 Middle Childhood Education          So.

Brian Bruner          Men's Track & Field                 Construction Management Jr.

Anthony Busellato   Men's Track & Field                 Fire Science                    Jr.

Mario Cannon        Men's Track & Field                 Psychology                     So.

Dominick Davolio    Men's Track & Field                 Political Science               Sr.

Antione Drakeford Men's Track & Field                 Mechanical Engineering Tech.       Sr.

Chad Hanson         Men's Track & Field                 Person. and Industrial Relations    Sr.

Bryan Hardesty      Men's Track & Field                 Construction Management Sr.

Jacob Haseman      Men's Track & Field                 Aerospace Engineering      Fr.

Ian Jarman           Men's Track & Field                 Biological Sciences            Sr.

Zach Johnson        Men's Track & Field                 Mechanical Engineering      Fr.

Randy King            Men's Track & Field                 Electrical Engineer            Sr.

Troy Lammers       Men's Track & Field                 Psychology                     Sr.

Tommy Marks       Men's Track & Field                 Aerospace Engineering      Fr.

Allen Moore           Men's Track & Field                 Finance                          Jr.

Kyle Neyer            Men's Track & Field                 Entrepreneurship             So.

Tim Poirier            Men's Track & Field                 Information Technology     Sr.

Alex Ramsey         Men's Track & Field                 Marketing                       Sr.

Lane Raney           Men's Track & Field                 Urban Planning                Jr.

Michael Rutherford Men's Track & Field                 History                           Fr.

Zach Schmidt        Men's Track & Field                 Civil Engineering               So.

Chase VanCura      Men's Track & Field                 Operations Management    Jr.

Elliot Vocke           Men's Track & Field                 Information Systems        Jr.

Brian Zimmerman Men's Track & Field                 Environmental Sciences     So.

Shelly Bellman       Women's Basketball                 Communications              Sr.

Carla Jacobs          Women's Basketball                 Psychology                     Sr.

Shanasa Sanders   Women's Basketball                 Sports Administration        Fr.

Valerie Schuster     Women's Basketball                 Food and Nutrition            So.

Stephanie Stevens Women's Basketball                 Special Education             Jr.

Jill Glassmeyer       Women's Cross Country           Food and Nutrition            So.

Lilian Jelimo           Women's Cross Country           Nursing                          Jr.

Megan Knapp         Women's Cross Country           Food and Nutrition            Sr.

Alison Leckrone      Women's Cross Country           Exploratory                     Fr.

Tamara Masters     Women's Cross Country           Biomedical Engineering      Sr.

Michele McKenney Women's Cross Country           Accounting                      So.

Sam Scipio            Women's Cross Country           Industrial Design              Fr.

Ashley Combs        Women's Golf                         Urban Planning                Sr.

Anna Cumtell         Women's Golf                         Food and Nutrition            Fr.

Marie Dela Paz       Women's Golf                         Industrial Management      So.

Marianne Erb         Women's Golf                         Marketing                       Sr.

Katelyn Hiller         Women's Golf                         Marketing                       Sr.

Jenny Linville         Women's Golf                         Marketing                       So.

Kate Moore           Women's Golf                         Health Promotions            Jr.

Kristin Price           Women's Golf                         Communication                Fr.

Sarah Stamper      Women's Golf                         Finance                          Sr.

Lorigan Banky        Women's Lacrosse                  Psychology                     Fr.

Allison Bell             Women's Lacrosse                  Sports Administration        So.

Gwen Branscome   Women's Lacrosse                  Health Promotions            Fr.

Lynsey Burton       Women's Lacrosse                  Finance                          Jr.

Jennifer Doran       Women's Lacrosse                  Communication                Fr.

Catherine Hebert    Women's Lacrosse                  Communication                Fr.

Marissa Hiatt         Women's Lacrosse                  Marketing                       So.

Jessica Kazaks       Women's Lacrosse                  Psychology                     Sr.

Lauren Kelly          Women's Lacrosse                  Sports Administration        Jr.

Patricia Kelly          Women's Lacrosse                  Electronic Media               Jr.

Shannon Lynes      Women's Lacrosse                  Sports Administration        Sr.

Lindsey Marshall     Women's Lacrosse                  Finance & Accounting        Sr.

Rachel Mercier       Women's Lacrosse                  Business Administration     Fr.

Jennifer Mott         Women's Lacrosse                  Secondary Education        Jr.

MacKenzie Parsons Women's Lacrosse                  Secondary Education        Fr.

Kylie Ramsland      Women's Lacrosse                  Health Sciences               Fr.

Katherine Russo     Women's Lacrosse                  Business Administration     Fr.

Gabrielle Sinmaz    Women's Lacrosse                  Secondary Education        Fr.

Karen Skelton        Women's Lacrosse                  Secondary Education        So.

Natalie Starvaggi    Women's Lacrosse                  Marketing & Communications       So.

Paige Stratton        Women's Lacrosse                  Sports Administration        So.

Sydney Barker       Women's Soccer                     Aerospace Engineering      So.

April Gibson           Women's Soccer                     Exploratory                     Fr.

Jennifer Johannigman                                         Women's Soccer              Criminal Justice        Sr.

Andrea Kaminski    Women's Soccer                     Special Education             Jr.

Erin Kaufman        Women's Soccer                     Health Sciences               Fr.

Chelsea Kindschuh Women's Soccer                     Marketing                       Sr.

Kendall Loggins      Women's Soccer                     Sports Administration        So.

Lauren Lucas         Women's Soccer                     Early Childhood Education Fr.

Kristin May            Women's Soccer                     Finance                          Sr.

Julie Morrissey       Women's Soccer                     Exploratory                     Fr.

Heather Neiser       Women's Soccer                     Nursing                          Jr.

Lindsey Noteboom Women's Soccer                     Political Science               Sr.

Kelli Pawelko         Women's Soccer                     Secondary Education        Fr.

Teresa Smolilo       Women's Soccer                     Health Sciences               Jr.

Kim Sykes            Women's Soccer                     Journalism                      Sr.

Kay Young            Women's Soccer                     Marketing                       Fr.

Lindsay Bakan       Women's Swimming & Diving     Fashion Design                So.

Anna Bersani         Women's Swimming & Diving     Exploratory                     Fr.

Amy Billow            Women's Swimming & Diving     Biological Sciences            Fr.

Laurie Caudy         Women's Swimming & Diving     Business Administration     So.

Stephanie Conklin   Women's Swimming & Diving     Exploratory                     Fr.

Elinore de Jong      Women's Swimming & Diving     Physics                          Jr.

Renee Desalle        Women's Swimming & Diving     Nursing                          Fr.

Cassandra Dorl      Women's Swimming & Diving     Education                       Sr.

Maggie Eubanks     Women's Swimming & Diving     Nursing                          So.

Lange Gilby           Women's Swimming & Diving     Special Education             Jr.

Joanne Gribbler      Women's Swimming & Diving     Health Sciences               Jr.

Liz Hansson           Women's Swimming & Diving     Biological Sciences            Fr.

Kirtley Krombholz   Women's Swimming & Diving     Health Promotions            So.

Sarah Krone          Women's Swimming & Diving     Comm. Science and Disorder       Sr.

Emily Misanik         Women's Swimming & Diving     Communication                Jr.

Erin Mullins            Women's Swimming & Diving     Organizational Leadership Jr.

Natalie Plunkett      Women's Swimming & Diving     Secondary Education        Sr.

Breein Rossi          Women's Swimming & Diving     Neuroscience                  So.

Melody Smith         Women's Swimming & Diving     Anthropology                   Jr.

Tammy Smith        Women's Swimming & Diving     Communication                Sr.

Valeriya Dandik      Women's Tennis                      International Business       Sr.

Safiyya Ismail        Women's Tennis                      Business Administration     Fr.

Abigail Mayo          Women's Tennis                      Industrial Management      So.

Anna Nelke           Women's Tennis                      Neuroscience                  Fr.

Jennifer Rowen      Women's Tennis