UC not enjoying new digs


Feb. 24, 2009

(3:56 p.m.): Just got home from the basketball media availability, the first time we’ve had a chance to ask the Bearcats how they like their new locker room. Yeah, they’re not digging it so much.

“It’s pretty bad,” Larry Davis said. “Usually, some of us will go in the locker room and get our minds ready for practice. We’ll watch TV and relax. Now, we have to find another way to relax.”

Forget about relaxing. Alvin Mitchell is having a hard enough time getting to practice on time because of all the obstacles he must overcome now. Before, it was an easy stroll to the locker room just off the 5/3 court. Now, he has to walk downstairs to the second floor of the Lindner Center to the training room before he gets to the auxiliary locker room on the first floor.

“The time schedule and how comfortable we were in our locker room, going downstairs to the first floor and the second floor, it kind of throws off your timing,” Mitchell said. “Sometimes it’s close to being late to practice if there are a lot of people on the second floor and you can’t get taped like you would in our locker room. It’s different.”

It’s also simple, Mick said. His team isn’t worthy of dressing in a nice locker room.

“You have to deserve to have the amenities of what our program stands for,” Mick said. “Our defense and rebounding were abysmal, and have been lately. I’ve just had enough. You try to send a lot of messages as a coach. Some are unsuccessful. Obviously the messages I sent all last week were unsuccessful. So you keep searching, trying to send it a different way.”

One final question before Mitchell left: are you guys practicing in different jerseys as well? To answer, Mitchell grabbed hold of the logoless shirt he was wearing.

“All black,” he said. “No names. No C-paws. Just the adidas logo. (Cronin) didn’t say anything. We walked into our locker room and these were the jerseys hanging up.



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