Practice update 08-24

Aug. 24, 2009

(2:48 p.m.): WEST HARRISON, Ind. – I didn’t realize this at the time I pulled into Higher Ground this morning, but UC had scheduled the Oklahoma drill for practice.

Unlike some other clubs and programs who announce days in advance that they’re going to run the Oklahoma drill* - which UC calls “Rodeo” – we had no idea it was going to happen until the whistle blew. I was chatting with blog favorite Tim Adams on a nice, sunny day when we both realized what was happening. I immediately pulled out my pad and started jotting down notes.

*In case you need a refresher course on the drill, click here.

Here’s what happened (or what I saw happen):

Brandon Mills over Evan Davis

CJ Cobb over Marcus Waugh

Guidugli over Craig Carey

TJ Franklin pancaked Obadiah Cheatham

Randy Martinez locks up Ricardo Thompson

Demetrius Jones beats Adrien Robinson

Collin McCafferty beats Frank Becker

Craig Parmenter over Alex Delisi


Ryan Paxson over Blake Annen

Rick Harris over Dan Sprague

Adam Dempsey over Mitch Kessel

Michael Hilty over Austen Bujnoch

End freshmen

Wesley Richardson over John Goebel

Ricardo Matthews over Chris Jurek

John Hughes over Jeff Linkenbach

Curtis Young over Alli

Derek Wolfe over Alex Hoffman

Alex Daniels over Jason Kelce

Rueben Haley over Guidugli

Waugh over Cobb (Cobb punched angrily at the air after this was over and then limped around for much of the rest of practice)

Craig Parmenter over Walter Stewart

Other observations from practice:

  • Redshirt freshman WR Danny Milligan took plenty of FG reps and looked pretty good.


  • The second team OL consisted of Sean Hooey, Randy Martinez, Evan Davis, CJ Cobb and Andre Cureton. RB Jacob Ramsey also ran with the second team, while Darrin Williams took reps with the first team. Goebel, it appears to me, is still not 100 percent healthy.



  • Sophomore linebacker JK Schaffer was held out of practice today because of an illness.


  • Red shirt freshman RB Quentin Hines popped Ramsey during a drill, and a surprised Ramsey only could chuckle afterward. Meanwhile, Scott Johnson was deemed too passive during the drill.


  • During 11 on 11s, sophomore QB Chazz Anderson overthrew at least two receivers.


  • And, finally, in the ugh-that-can’t-be-good file, DeAngelo Smith lost a footrace to a rookie kicker in Dallas Cowboys camp. Here’s the game story and the folo (with a picture!). Well, at least Smith seemed to take it in good humor.