UC-UConn quick thoughts


Oct. 26, 2008

(4:08 a.m.): Sorry I’m coming to you so late. Had a birthday party to attend, and I just finished watching the game. Before I head to bed, a few thoughts:

  • Unless I’m forgetting something, that was the worst game I’ve seen from UC in the BK era. Pitt was pretty bad last year, but this game was really not good. Surprising to me, because UC should have had a chance to win this game. Especially with a brand-new quarterback (who was mediocre at best) and a brand-new kicker (who was pretty strong).

    Running back Donald Brown, obviously, is awesome, and I’m sure Brandon Underwood would tell you the same thing. At least four times, Brown put a nasty stiff-arm on Underwood, and late in the game, after he had been stiff-armed once already on the play, Underwood was penalized for facemask on Brown. I bet he wakes up Sunday a sore man.

    But you’re not going to win a game by turning over the ball six times and recording none of your own. Also, not a great game from WR Marcus Barnett.


  • Offensive line was a disaster today. At least five holding penalties and a handful of sacks allowed. The line has been solid this year, but man, it did not do its quarterbacks any favors. Also, give credit to the Huskies defensive backs. Their coverage kept Tony Pike and Chazz Anderson in the pocket too long and then forced them to scramble for their lives.


  • So, it sounds like Pike lost feeling in his arm and BK didn’t want to reinsert him in the second half. Fair enough, but Anderson isn’t at the point yet where he’s going to lead his team to a comeback victory.


  • The 0-for-25 stat on third-down conversions in the past two games is almost hard to fathom. I’m assuming I’ll write more – much more – about that this week.


  • The positives: Jake Rogers’ 54-yard field goal was impressive, as was Connor Barwin’s third blocked punt of the season.



  • And oh yeah, South Florida comes to town in five days. Can UC recover from a loss like this?