Katzonthecats LIVE Game Blog: Carleton


Nov. 1, 2008

I wouldn't be surprised to see UC take a loss here. Carleton is no joke (although to be honest, the team doesn't look like much in warm-ups). A loss, though, wouldn't be the end of the world. It wouldn't be good, but not a disaster.

So, keep that in mind as we kick off the basketball season.

The Canadian national anthem caught me a little off guard, but it was sweet nonetheless. The band clocked in at 1:14 for 'O Canada' and 1:22 for the 'Star-Spangled Banner.'

Bearcats starting lineup: Rashad Bishop, Mike Williams, Anthony McClain, Larry Davis, Deonta Vaughn.

Carleton, BTW, went 26-1 last season.

I'm sure it's nice for Mick to see Mike Williams in a UC uniform, playing in an actual "game." And he knocks down an 8-footer to open UC scoring.

Two quick fouls on Carleton's Aaron Doornekamp. Not really sure what that means, though. I guess it's probably bad for the Ravens.

McClain with a nice block on Kevin Mcleery, who was driving in for the layup.

After the official timeout, Alvin Mitchell, Steve Toyloy and Yancy Gates will check in.

BTW, the season opener vs. South Dakota on Nov. 16 has been changed to a 6 p.m. start. UC apologizes for any inconvenience.

UC 5, Carleton 4 (15:54 to go)

Two turnovers in the first 5 minutes for Vaughn. Then, one for Mitchell. Carleton has jumped to a 9-6 lead.

Gates making an early impact. He just looks big out there. First, a layup, then a rebound and dunk. The sparse crowd seems to enjoy. Then, Gates steps out for a 3-pointer and air-balls it. So, there you go.

Carleton 13, UC 12 (11:05 to go)

Dion Dixon opens his career with a missed layup, but he gets the rebound, and puts it back in while taking the foul. Misses the free throw.

With this new early-entry offense, Vaughn is the one taking the ball up the court most of the time. which is to be expected I guess.

Larry Davis and Vaughn leading the wway with 5 points. UC seems to be finding a better rhythm on offense now.



UC 23, Carleton 18 (6:27 to go)

Vaughn kind of taking over here. Making nice passes, playing pretty good defense, making acrobatic layups. Carleton forced to take a TO after falling behind by 10.

You'd think Carleton would need to hit its 3-pointers to win this game. Not happening so far - the Ravens are 2 of 12 and they've missed their last eight shots (their last point came 4:02 ago).

UC 28, Carleton 18 (3:29 to go)

Darnell Wilks jumps high to rebound Dion Dixon's miss and lays it in.

Carleton breaks about a 5:30 drought with an Elliot Thompson 3.

Somehow, Gates gets his first two foul shots to fall. Has to bank the first one in and the second bounces on the rim for a sec before falling through.

Dion Dixon isn't shooting that well, but he's playing hard, as evidenced by his team-leading six rebounds. UC is shooting 37.5 percent (28.6 percent from the 3). Carleton is at 25.8 and 20 percent, respectively. Vaughn and Davis each have seven points to lead the way.

UC 34, Carleton 23 - half

Going back to the first half, UC had gone about 7:10 without making a field goal. In the second half, the Bearcats started 0 for 3 with three turnovers (two by Vaughn). But Vaughn ends the streak with a 3-pointer.

Carleton still awful from the 3. Raves are shooting 15 percent.

UC 38, Carleton 29 (15:06 to go)

Some of the students start up a brief USA-USA chant.

I's interesting that UC really isn't getting much point production from its front court. McClain has one point, Toyloy has 0, Williams in limited time has four and Gates has eight (two of which came on a banked-in 20-footer). You'd think the Bearcats would have more against an undersized, less-talented team. They are out-rebounding the Ravens 34-30.

UC 42, Carleton 36 (10:50 to go)

Well, there you go. Gates just posts up his defnder and scores. Nice play by him. Then, he does it again. A four-point lead turns into an 8-point lead quickly.

Some UC turnovers ,though, and a couple layups by Stuart Turnbull cuts the lead to 1. Until Mike Williams drives through the center of the lane, lays it in and gets fouled. FTs upcoming.

UC 48, Carleton 45 (7:45 to go)

A two-point game and Gates misses two FTs. But once again, Carleton is called for carrying the ball. That's like the third time today. Then, Mike Williams misses the front end of a one-and-one, and Turnbull nails the 3. But on a fast break, Vaughn finds Dixon for the layup and the lead.

The Bearcats have scored 17 points in 16:17 this half.

UC 51, Carleton 50 (3:43 to go)

Looked like Aaron Doornekamp hit a 3 to tie the game, but the refs stop play and say it was only a 2. The ref who made the change was on the other end of the court.

Williams makes all 10 of his FTs in the past 3:43 of the game.

A little running layup by Vaughn puts UC up by five.

UC 59, Carleton 54 (1:48 to go)

Coming out of the Carleton timeout, the entire starting lineup - except Toyloy in for McClain - is on the court.

Couple missed shots and a couple turnovers by Carleton, and UC pulls away a little at the end.

With about 25 seconds to play, Williams has to throw up a shot with the playclock down to 1 or 2. Toyloy gets the rebound, which is exactly why the coaching staff liks him. He makes one of two FTs after he's fouled.

Williams leads the way with 15 points, Vaughn 14 and Gates 12. Dixon finishes with eight rebounds and Vaughn has five assists. They shoot 40 percent (25 from the 3) and outrebound Carleton 42-36.

UC 64, Carleton 54 - final