UC-WVU Postgame Rock 'N Roll Party


Nov. 8, 2008

MORGANTOWN, W.V. - (11:39 p.m.): Well, I might have left you guys a little bit early. By the time I got on the field, there was a little more than a minute left and UC had a 13-point lead.

And then, a relatively non-exciting game (defensive struggle, though) turned ridiculous. I was standing on UC's sideline for that entire time and I witnessed a team that was about as happy as you could be to a team that was totally deflated to a team that remained calm to a team that exploded in emotion with the 26-23 overtime victory.

Unfortunately, I have people waiting for me right now, so I can't stay and give you a postgame blog. Unfortunately, the rock 'n roll party will have to be postponed.*

*So, we haven't done a mailbag in quite a while. If you've got something to say or something to ask, shoot me an e-mail (jkatzo@hotmail.com), and I'll get you in the mailbag.

But I will leave you with one lasting image. The image, to me, that represented what this game meant to UC.

After the team celebrated the game-winning 2-yard touchdown pass from Pike to Alli - and dodging the half-full beer cans that showered down around the players (I've got to say, though. There's something beautiful about watching an aluminum can fly through the air (almost in slow-motion) with raindrops of alcohol trailing the vessel. I'm serious. It was quite lovely, albeit dangerous. By the way, what compels somebody to throw beer at a college kid? I just don't understand it.) - the Bearcats walked into the tunnel leading into their locker room.

That happened to be where the UC contingent was sitting, and those fans were going crazy. And I looked to my right and I saw Khalil El-Amin, with tears pouring down his face. And he yelled to the sky, once, twice, three times: "WE FINALLY BEAT THEM!"

Pretty much says it all.